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Returning the Favor
Returning the Favor
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Saturday, September 13, 2008


Headed to pick up my repaired truck today. Total repairs - $2800.00. Kelly Blue Book value - $3800.00. And I need to get it detailed before anyone in their right mind would buy it. Hopefully at this point I can get $3500 out of it, so that I realize a puny amount of profit on the deal. Yucky.

Maybe I should ship it down to Texas - compared to a lot of vehicles down there this morning, it's worth a gold mine.

Honestly, though, I hope everybody I care about down it Texas just got a little rain and wind. From all reports, it was supposed to turn back east before dumping too much on the parts of the state where you guys are. I hope so.


DavidWestbay said...

Where I am in the Dallas-Fort Worth area took a clean miss. A little rain yesterday, but no high winds or flooding as was expected. Today was crystal clear and gorgeous. Thanks, Ike, for leaving us alone!

Instant Tragedy said...

Lubbock got 8 1/2" of rain. Flooded a bunch, but mine was due to the remains of Tropical Storm Lowell. Ike was wayyyyyyy on the other side of the state. Hope you are doing well.

Keep smiling!