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Returning the Favor
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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Once upon a time...

There was a really, really bad day in America. Some really bad men hijacked some airplanes and killed a lot of people. Some brave people fought back and crashed their airplane to keep them from killing other people. In North Carolina, a guy that had been pretty outspoken against the new President had only one thought, "Where is the President? We need a leader. Right. Now." And he decided to give the President that he did not vote for and didn't really believe had been elected in the first place his support. Because the country needed a leader, and he was the one we had, even if he wasn't the one he wanted. And in the first few days and weeks after those attacks, that President did pretty good. He exceeded the expectations of the vocal critic from North Carolina, and handled the worst crisis of my generation as well as could be expected. We won't discuss the seven years that followed, because they are actually beside the point.

The point is this - our country is now in a crisis of a different sort, but one that is no less real and will in the end directly affect more people than the first one. We have a new President, who has the opportunity to be a leader. I'd like to ask all my friends that didn't support Obama in his campaign and don't like anything he stands for to give him the same chance that I gave W. He might not be any good at anything. He might be just more of the same. He might be worse, and he might mortgage our future even more heavily to make today's balance sheet look better.

But he might be good for us. He might be able to do 1/3 of what he says he wants to do. And he deserves the benefit of the doubt for a little while. So give him a shot, even if you don't like him. If I can be big enough to do it for a President I hated, you can too. Then, if he screws up as bad as W, feel free to resume the hate.


StB said...

You seem to have little faith in conservatives. There will always be asshats on the extreme left and right. But those closer to the middle do not hate. They dislike policies but are willing to give presidents, senators, etc. a chance to prove themselves. But when things like coverage and comments about an inauguration are totally overboard, they will speak. Don't confuse that with the judgement on the man in the White House.

Special K said...

No, hate is not good in any case. Disagree, sure (that is very patriotic actually).

I'm sure you will see the conservative side act with much more class than I've seen from the liberal side in the last 24 hours, but that is where the hate is. Boo a man in a wheelchair? Really?

Bw said...

Iam not a Democrat, nor a big supporter of Obama. One of my core beliefs is the less government, the better and that's certainly a far cry from where the President is coming from.

That being said, I did vote for him in November simply because he was by far the better option and "by far" I mean by sextillion light years. Politics and the now current administration aside, it really feels freakin' great to finally be rid of Bush and Old Field N' Stream.

Speaking as a self-proclaimed cynical bastard, there are things bother me. Mostly things that aren't necessarily Obama's or his party's fault.

I don't like the hero worship, I don't like Obama Superman T-Shirts, I'm worried that the media will no longer give a shit about accuracy when it comes in a "Yay Obama!" wrapper, and for a country that is in an economic freefall, I thought the 170 Million dollar Inauguration tab was ahem, excessive.

Lastly, to even begin to live up to all these enormous expectations that have been placed squarely (and unfairly) on his shoulders seems unlikely.

That was a realllly liberal speech yesterday. If there was any question about where his heart lies this dispelled it.
Talk about a Kumbaya moment.. I was half expecting him to start throwing flowers into the crowd.

Although, I thought the fact he openly acknowledged that Atheists or "non-belivers" are Americans too deserves a lot of praise. I can only hope such realism remains a constant during his administration.

Anyway, Iam and remain an upbeat and hopeful supporter of the president. We can only go up from here.


Did anyone see Diane Feinstein shove Biden's wife at the photo op when the inaugural crytal bowls (or whatever) were being presented?

Luckbox said...

I'll certain support Obama on things I think are good for this country and criticize things I think are bad... just as I did with Bush.

And, personally, I'm hopeful Obama doesn't accomplish anywhere near 1/3 of what he's promised because I think they're wrong for our country. I hope he proves me wrong, but I don't think we should give blind support just because he's knew.

Part of an effective democracy is having reasonable opposition. You'll never quell the fringe, but it's unfair to paint all criticism of Obama with that broad brush.

Luckbox said...

Wow... was I typing with half a brain?


BamBam said...

As an outsider looking in, I love the renewed 'feel' of optomism, but for now, it is just a feel.

But I will say this....

At the perfect starting point to help right a country suffering from a world of hurt in the wrong category, that spectacle for $170 gazillion WAS NOT the way to start the job IMHO.