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Returning the Favor
Returning the Favor
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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Jennifer Tilly, Johnny Chan, Rosencrantz and other nonsense

Things to ponder -

1) How pissed is Phil Hellmuth that Johnny Chan got to 10 bracelets first?

2) Is Jennifer Tilly gonna rag Phil Laak that she won a WSOP bracelet before he did? I sure as fuck would.

3) What the fuck is Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are Dead about!?!?!?

I should probably work on figuring that one out in fairly short order, since we open NEXT FUCKING WEEK!!

OK. It's a play. It's the story of Hamlet told through the eyes of Rosencrantz & Guildenstern. You remember, the two silly fucks from college that Hamlet used to go drinking with? YEah, them. There was a movie. Gary Oldman's in it. Check it out.

Anyway, Tom Stoppard wrote this absurdist play in 1968 or so, and in an even more absurd move, I decided to direct it.

Stoppard is way fuckin' smarter than me. Way. Way.

Stoppard also doesn't have the balls to drop the hammer for a 4xBB preflop raise heads-up with $200 on the line, so fuck him.

Anyway - we open next week and I've got a fantastic cast. A couple of folks with a lot of experience and talent, who by no means should be working for free, but that's Theatre in North Carolina, so I'm the benefit of their generosity. A couple other folks with less experience but ood instincts and one incredibly brave actress who is going onstage in chaps, red underwear and fishnets, and a smile, against everything she's ever done before.

It's just that time of the rehearsal process when I panic. It'll be better next week. It might be better Saturday - I've got a noon tourney with a bunch of other actoids from around town. Should be some dead money. Course that's what I thought last time when I found myself dealing after getting busted out 9th! Fuckers.

Played a little .25-.50 NLHE Saturday night at the Torch Song cast party. Jewart still sucks, but every once in a while he'll hit one. He hit me for $6 when his pocket 10s held up against my pocket 9s, and caught a K on the turn and a J on the river to take me for another $4 when my A 10 with A on the flop didn't hold up. Then he was fixing a beer and I folded, so I played his cards against Myk. This got a little ugly.

Myk raises preflop $1. I look at Jewart's cards and see AA. I reraise another $1. Flop is nothing, rainbows, nothing close enough for straights so I bet out $1. Myk calls. Turn is a blank, I milk another $1. River is bullshit, so I bet Myk all in. He folds, I turn up the bullets and Jewart has just doubled up on my work. He needed it, he was stuck $25 in a quarter game at that point. We played for a little while longer with Em as the big winner at +13, me behind her at +5, and nobody really stuck more than 10 bucks. A really fun night or pokah for cheap. Until I had to get up in 3 hours to load in a set, then I was paying for it.



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