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Returning the Favor
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Monday, June 20, 2005

WSOP updates!

Go somewhere else for that. I'm still in the NC. No pokah for you! Seriously, though, go to Pauly's WSOP blog to read about the latest Hellmuthian outburst from the king of the whine - Phil Hellmuth.

Getting rolling with Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are Dead rehearsals. This idea of a Punk Rock band for the Tragedians in the show is gonna be fun, but boy there's a fair bit of work to be done in the next couple weeks before we open.

Played a little pokah last night, and I'm starting to get my groove back after this hiatus. Played about 8 SNGs Saturday and Sunday, won 3 $5 SNGs, got 2nd in another one, and played really well in a $20 SNG until the wife came home and my thoughts shifted a little more toward spenging time with her than with the cyber-cards. Got on one incredible rush where I hit AQ,AK,AQ (all clubs)then rags, then AK o/s. I won that one, too. Hard not to win when the cards smack you in the face.

Been screwing around a little with micro-limit Stud 8 and Omaha Hi while I play SNGs, I find it keeps my Hold Em on autopilot (mostly autoFold) in the early stages which keeps me from trying to get cute. My current strategy is as follows - never limp unless I'm a blind, and if I'm coming into a pot, make a 3 or 4xBB raise to go in. Now there are a LOT more hands that I'm willing to make a raise with that there are hands I'm willing to call a raise with, if that makes sense. I guess what some of it is boiling down to for me is that this hand isn't my last hand, so in the long run it doesn't matter what happens in this one hand. All goes out the window once we're in the money and I raise preflop every single hand until I've either blown people up or I'm busted.

I don't recommend this as strategy per se, this is just how I'm playing right now. It also probably won't work against a lot of good players, so I wouldn't do it at much higher than a $5 - $10 SNG. I'll let you know how it works out.

I'm having a ball reading all the WSOP coverage, wish I was there. That's of course now my goal - to play the world series next year. I make no promises about the main event, but my goal is certainly to play in at least one event next year. It's good to have goals, they give you something to feel shitty about.


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