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Returning the Favor
Returning the Favor
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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Ah shit, Iggy was right.

So a long time ago, in a galaxy far far away...okay, it was last month at Bradoween, when I mentioned in Iggy's presence the stakes and terms of our little weekly home game ($10 buy-ins, etc) and he mentioned to Dr. Jeff "Dude, don't play on that game, you'll develop sooo many bad habits." At the time I was a little offended. I think I suck slightly less than the average trout, and I manage to do pretty well at our little game usually.

Shit, Iggy was right. Over the past couple of weeks I have played like the biggest fucking fish in the world, and it's bled over into my online play, too. I managed to scrape through last weekend as an utter calling station and stay up by a whopping $4 after 4 hours. It's getting tough to take the stakes seriously, which is why I bumped the minimum buy-in up to $20. Still puny, I know, but 3-4 buy-ins at $20 is about all my friends are willing to lay out, so it'll probably stay there. I just need to drill some discipline into my sorry ass and not call with shit because "it's just $.50. or It's just a buck." I did at least manage to throw some discipline back into my online play, cashing in 4 out of 5 SNGs in the last week, so that's got me feeling a little better, but I have to translate some real tightness into my live play, especially since I have a table image that makes G-Rob look like a rock. So while the invitation is wide open for any folks in Charlotte to join our little game, you may develop really bad habits as a result. Or just take money from the fishies, which is never a bad thing.

On a separate note, would any of the folks that read this be interested in a decent-sized buyin tourney in November? I'm thinking the Saturday after Thanksgiving, for a $50 buy-in. Lemme know if anybody from around is willing or interested in coming around.



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