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Returning the Favor
Returning the Favor
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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

I'm not dead yet

Been a busy week or so. I was the host and Production Manager for the 2nd Annual Metrolina Theatre Awards this past Sunday, so that took up most of my free time until now, between actually doing the work and recovering from it. The event went well, with several hundred theatre folks from the Charlotte region converging on the McGlohon Theatre at Spirit Square to celebrate the work that has been done in our area over the past year. Dozens of awards were given out in categories like best actor, director, and design.

And I finally won! In my 8th time being nominated for a lighting design award in Charlotte, I was named Best Lighting Designer for the Drama category for my work on Anna Karenina. I was really happy, and proud, because I worked my ass off on that show, and it was nice to be recognized for it. Above is a picture of me with my award.

Yes, I wore a kilt. For part of the time. In true awards-show host fashion, I had several costume changes, including two tuxedos and the kilt.

To stay somewhat on topic, the local theatre folks had their monthly “rehearsal” last night, with a $20 buy-in. I came in 2nd, busting out Old Gus after I crippled him with AJ spades, and slowplaying trip 7s to send Chip packing. Chris S. came back and took me out when his KJ off paired a Jack on the turn against my AQ diamonds, doubling him up. He finished me off by catching a flush on the river to bust my top pair, King kicker. I grabbed $50 for 2nd, so I was profitable, and more importantly, I got my money in with the best cards both times, so I feel pretty good about my play. I don’t think I made any real critical mistakes all tourney, paid a little too much for information a couple of times, but I play with these guys a lot, so it will be worth it in the long run.

Happy Late Birthday to Pauly! Sorry I missed the blogger game, but I was playing live and making money.


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