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Returning the Favor
Returning the Favor
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Friday, February 10, 2006

Randomness for the end of the week

1) I suck at Stud.

2) I am strangely successful at Razz.

I'm not really sure how to reconcile this contradiction, but I've managed to book wins at razz almost every session, while losing at stud with the same frequency. I'm pretty sure I'm calling off too much cash chasing open-enders and flushes. Guess it's time to break down and read the stud section of Super System. Currently my strategy for stud is kinda like this - if I've got a pair, I'll play. If I've got 3 consecutive to a straight or three to a flush with a 10 or better for the high end of the flush (and there aren't more than three of my suit out there on other people's door cards), I'll play. Three paint and I'll play. Is that too loose? Really brutally ignorant as far as stud goes. Razz I'll call the bring in with 2-3 to a wheel, and I'll call a completed bring in with 2 to a wheel and a 3rd card lower than 8. Pretty simplistic, but it's making me a little money. And the players don't seem to change in skill level from 1/2 to 3/6, and frequently are the same people.

Random - I don't know how I lived this long without a car stereo that has a 1/8" input jack in the front for my iPod. Commercial radio sucks and now I can stop carrying around the 50+ CDs in my car. Best Buy is running a special right now that has free installation with any CD deck over $100, and there's a decent Sony for $129 with front aux input. It's a beautiful thing.

Is it March yet? I know I'm not the only blogger who really wants February to just be over. Like somebody said yesterday, thank goodness it's a short month.

Home game tonight, HOP (Hold 'Em, Omaha, Crazy Pineapple - all No Limit). Should be a blast.


Anonymous said...

Random Fact: A good friend of mine got sucked up by BofA when it bought MBNA. In the span of a (last) week, he sold his house in DE and moved to Charlotte.

Three to a wheel on third street is probably a raise and reraise. You've got four shots to get 2 of 16-20 cards (your other wheel cards, a 6, a 7, an 8 for a raggedy hand that is situational) to make a sensible razz hand.

G-Rob said...

I go through fits and spurts with Razz on FT. I've usually had luck there and my strategy is much like yours.

Another thing, Still have a seat open for the big tourney this month?

I'd like to play.

Send me an e-mail

Chilly said...

So I am driving through one of our glorious (really) St. Louis parks (no really we have great municiple parks!) yesterday trying to get the kid to nap.

I happen upon this statue. Its a huge full length of Shakespeare and has plaques with character names, one on each side of the base.

Falstaff and Hamlet, I don't know the other two as that would have required getting out of the car and I am fat and lazy.

Turns out it is:
Ferdinand von Miller's William Shakespeare dedicated 23 April 1878;

How's that for random?

Joaquin "The Rooster" Ochoa said...

Waaayyy too lose-as-a-goose on Stud. Raise with big pairs like hold'em...10-and up. Only play three to a flush when big cards are involved (esp. if your over cards trump anything showing...might even raise here). Three to a one card only and if it connects then play...but you want those cards to be big, too and that you have live outs. Read super system like 10 times but read roy west for simple winning tactics.