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Returning the Favor
Returning the Favor
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Monday, May 22, 2006

Monday, Monday

Back to work for most of the day, icepick has been removed from le gut (that’s French, you know). Still sore and not managing to sleep terribly well, but I got through half a day of work. I have fuzzy recollections from Friday night’s home game, likely due to drugs. Hell, totally due to drugs.

I broke even, even after reaching back into my pocket a couple times. The new chips were a moderate success, although the pink and orange Nevada Jacks do look a little too similar. But here’s a great success story for you – customer service isn’t dead after all! Saturday morning as I’m cleaning up after the game, I noticed a couple of problems with some of my chips, so I emailed NJ support, expecting not much since I did get them as a signup bonus, after all.

Well, Kim from customer support took care of my little issues promptly and is sending me out replacement chips for the ones that are screwed up, with no arguments! What a great company. I really recommend dealing with them for your next chip acquisition. Which, if it’s coming soon, should probably happen through Poker Source Online. They’ve got a deal through the end of the month for new signups to get a free set of CUSTOM Nevada Jacks! So go visit, and show some love to bonus code FALSTAFF while you’re at it.

I’ve been on an absolutely sick run at the NL50 tables this weekend, pushing the online roll well into uncharted territory. That’s right folks, 4 Figures. This is definitely my biggest month since taking down the Stars tourney last year, and that’s with only 4 tourneys played total, and none cashed. All ring games, all the time has been my mantra, and it’s been paying off. And the fine folks at Sun Poker were prompt with their bonus payout, now let’s see about cashing out a little profit from there.

So I think I can actually for the first time play at my levels (NL50 2-table or NL100 1-table) without being ridiculously underfunded. I’m putting a hair less than 10% of my bankroll on the table any time I sit down at 2 tables of NL50, or 1 table of NL100. Is that fairly safe? I feel like I can drop a couple buy-ins without having to move down in levels at this point. And not that I’m in any rush, but when should I look at moving up? When a single buy-in at NL100 equals 5% of my roll?

Leave advice in comments, I’m gonna go read DoubleAs BR post from last week and see if I’m too wrong-headed.

And my deepest condolences to G-Rob and Otis, who lost a good friend this weekend. My heart goes out to those boys.

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Drizztdj said...

I love between the $100 and $200 tables with a bankroll of $5K, but that's conservative.

Most people advise a 10-15 buy-in BR while moving up.