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Returning the Favor
Returning the Favor
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Tuesday, May 16, 2006


The Man strikes again. The junk has been silenced. And I’m pissed. Hyper-rant, engage.

It’s my fuckin’ blog and I’ll post pictures of my cat, my fat ass in my kilt, the adorable Jen Leo and my fat ass in my kilt or anything else I damn well please! I’ll write what I want when I want and fuck them all quite eloquently if they can’t take a joke. For the record, I typed that with both pinkies extended to be more eloquent about it.

Seems somebody in The Real World went and visited Bobby’s blog, and got their panties bunched about it. Whattadick. So unfortunately, somebody has decided that he’s inappropriate, and rather than have unpleasant repercussions about his blog in his Real Life, One2Many is going away. I suppose I’m fortunate to work in an industry built on the backs of flaming queer performers and guys doing 8-balls in the back of the bus, so I’m not too worried about how inappropriate I get. Because I only tangentially work in The Real World. I’m not as far removed as certain Professional Actors and Writers and Hollyweirders, but it’s a pretty fur piece, as they say in hilljack country. So you’re probably stuck with me uncensored, for whatever that’s worth.

So if you do work with me, know me from work or any other part of my life outside of poker and bloggerdom, and find anything here that you don’t think is appropriate, I hereby give you permission to read something else. And to kiss my ass if you really feel strongly about it. Frankly, we’re back to “it’s my blog and if you don’t like it, start your own.”

But Bobby will be missed. He has not only a voice that is hilarious and a warped view on the world that I always look forward to when it show up in bold on my Bloglines, but he’s also been using his blog lately (along with his status as the 860th greatest poker player in the world) to do great work for a little girl who lost her mom to cancer. So go to For Peyton, where soon you’ll be able to bid on the chance to get your ass kicked by Gavin Smith in a STT that may or may not happen around another charity event highly publicized by this drunken hippy. And then tell every big-wig corporate schlub with a stick up his ass to match your donation.


Haley said...

Agreed. Bobby wasn't my reading taste but he had the right to write every single word that ever appeared on his blog.

Huge Junk said...


(you too chaysebaby)

I did put up my answer to the question of what happened, but I am going to pull it and move it somewhere shortly. At least it should have gotten into bloglines.

I'll resurface, just not sure exactly where. And I know for sure it will be more incognito. Word will get out to the bloggers though, so no worries.

FatBaldGuy said...

I knew you weren't the kind of guy who would be kept down, Bob.

Nice rant, Falstaff.