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Returning the Favor
Returning the Favor
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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Freakin' Valentine's Day

Well, I am at least with my loved one. I'm sick as a dog, but I am home with my wife, so that's some consolation. Not much, since on one of the few days of the year that a married man is pretty much guaranteed to get laid (birthday, Valentine's Day, Anniversary) I'm too sick to do anything about it in fear that I'll break out in a coughing fit and hock up a lung in the middle my flagrante delicto. Nice.

Yeah, I brought the crud back from Vegas, while leaving some of my cash there. After a few days to digest my trip, I think it was a good thing overall. It was really interesting to have several days with no real obligations. To anyone. Not my wife, not my job, not any friends that I made hard and fast plans with. It was the first time in over a decade that I've had more than 24 hours like that. I think I might need that more than once every ten years. I don't want it too often, but every couple years might be nice.

Another thing I realized, once and for all, is that I don't have the temperament to play poker for a living. Bad beats get to me too much to depend on this game for a living. It was good to finally come to that realization, and to do so without actually trying to live off of poker. Somewhere deep in the back of my head was a notion that if I crushed all the games I'd give it a shot. As I continued to not crush the games, I started to learn a little more, which made the whole thing worthwhile.

Of course I wouldn't have minded being profitable while learning, but there aren't very many graduate assistantships in poker. So I paid my tuition, and took a class. I passed, I think. I'm now and forever a recreational player. That doesn't mean I don't wanna win, I only want to win all the chips on the table. It means that I know my place in the poker economy, and that's worth something. To me at least.

Now I'm gonna take my Nyquil-high ass off to bed.


Jim The Knife said...

All I have to say regarding your last paragraph is:


PS: Get well soon... sorry to hear your under the weather instead of the wife...

Gadzooks64 said...

Hey, not to pile on while you feel like dog shit but any idea when you guys are gonna do the summer blogger event?

I'm already gonna be there June 6-14th so if you could make that coincide with the blogger thing I'd be frigging thrilled!

Hope you are feeling better soon!