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Returning the Favor
Returning the Favor
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Monday, March 24, 2008

Did I mention...

That Davidson would NOT lose a home game? And with the RBC Center pretty close to home, and with the UNC fans rooting the kids from just north of Charlotte, they proved me right. I hope the Curry kid stays in school, because I think anyone who can afford it should get a college education, and Dell's boy doesn't need the money like some kids who need to jump to the NBA as soon as possible to escape poverty at home. But I wouldn't blame him if he parlayed this NCAA tournament performance into a big payday.

Dell Curry was a class act as a Charlotte Hornet, doing a lot of charity work around the community during his playing days, and I think it's a cool tribute to his dad that Stephen Curry wears #30. I think his jumper is an even better tribute. Wisconsin will have trouble with this team, who has momentum on their side and possession of the longest winning streak in the country. But even if the Wildcats fall to Wisconsin, or to Kansas in the next round, they've had a great run and should be proud.

But I'd really like to see Stephen Curry match up against Tyler Hansbrough in the Final Four. Wouldn't you?


Short-Stacked Shamus said...

Hell of a win for the 'Cats. Hard not to like Curry, et al.

And yr right, Dell was (and is) indeed as classy as they come.

Jim The Knife said...

I picked Davidson to win 2 games
Doing well in my pool. Up 2 games thanks to Curry & Co.

He's only 6'2" ....
Not a hot NBA prospect....
But I hate the NBA so it doesn't matter to me.

PokerLT said...

just want to test how comment works.