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Returning the Favor
Returning the Favor
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Monday, April 14, 2008

Invasion of the Bracelet

So the Falstaff home game had some distinguished guests this week, leading to a bigger game that normal for the Charlotte contingent. The Bracelet was in town, crashing at my place while he looked around for places for he and his lovely to consider cohabitating. And since he was in town, the master of metal drove up from G-Vegas to reclaim some of the money that Jim and I took out of the SC economy the week before.

The game was $.25/.50 no limit, with me, Suzy, Jim (I'll link you again when you post twice in any given month, buddy!), Special K, DB, T and lil' Nick in attendance. I had a decent run early, building up a decent stack, but nothing like Bad Blood, who got called both times he picked up Aces, avoided crackage, and stacked his opponent both times. Note to the rest of my home game - Blood doesn't bluff for his entire stack, and if he asks you politely to reraise him preflop, you should probably decline. My aces were less fortunate, but that may come from the fact that I didn't look at my hand (the first time) until the straight was pretty obvious on the turn. It may also be related to the fact that I have -50% fold equity. Can't imagine why.

The pot of the night came down after we had switched to PLO8 and the stacks had gotten deep. I raised pot with A356 and got called in at least three places. I was somewhat pleased when the flop came down A-2-4, with 2 clubs. So with wheel in hand, I decided to hammer every street and hope for no more clubs and for the board not to pair. So I bet pot and got called in 3-4 places.

The turn brought a second deuce, and I was concerned about the boat, because Special K was still in the hand, and both he and Jim were perfectly capable of filling up at that point. But when they both checked to me, I fired again, this time only finding 3 callers. I don't remember the river, but it didn't make the flush, so when it check around to me again I put in the last of my stack, which was not enough for a pot-sized bet, but had committed almost all of my last $100 rebuy into this pot. My logic there was the even if I'm quartered, with 4 of us seeing the river, my chances of profiting on the pot were pretty good. Same set of callers, and I tabled my wheel, which was good to Special K's trip deuces, Nate's pile of nothing, and Jim's 2nd-nut low. So for the second time in two home games, I dragged a monster pot in O8 after thinking I was, at best, going to get half of it. It ended up being nearly a $400 pot, good enough to put me back to profitable for the night.

The other hand of the night was me showing DB the true power of the hammer by sucking out trips to crack his overpair after we got all his chips in the middle on the 9-high flop. Deuce on the flop, deuce on the turn, and the Hammer prevails yet again. That makes 5 winning sessions in a row, but I balance the karma of talking about my hot streak by posting at least as many losing sessions in a row online, where I once again gifted the donks at Full Tilt with my dollars last night.


Uncle Bracelet said...

I am the proud owner of almost sixty dollars of North Carolina money. Basically a double up. Am I the greatest home game player in the world? Only time will tell.

Thanks again to you and your wife for the stay, use of the cars, diet mountain dew in the can, fresh towels, marinated steak, guitar hero initiation, bedroom sauna, bagels, matches in the downstairs bathroom, Palmetto bugs, ride to and from the airport, papa johns, etc.

StB said...

Good thing you don't have a daughter. He would thank you for that as well.

Uncle Bracelet said...