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Returning the Favor
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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

WPBT Summer Debauchery 2008 - the non-event event

So here's the current plan for "scheduled" activities at the WPBT Summer Gathering.

Thursday June 5- Drink at the Geisha Bar at the Imperial Palace. The IP has become a good central gathering place due to low-stakes Pai Gow, terrible poker players and cheap rooms. I'll be staying there, and I get in Thursday afternoon. The drinking will commence around 8ish, or whenever several people get there.

Friday June 6 - Drink at the MGM Grand and play poker. I'll try to get some mixed game things going, but I'll be in the Sports Book Bar drinking most of the time.

Saturday June 7 - Drink a lot. The folks at the Venetian haven't gotten back to me with a time for a private tourney, so that looks like a no-go. I plan to go play the $150 Shootout at the Binion's Poker Classic. The Venetian Deep Stacks is also going on, as well as that thing over at the Rio. So there's plenty of poker to be played. I think invading the lunch buffet at the Wynn may be in order.

Sunday June 8 - Brunch - somebody tell me where we should eat. Sunday night - last chance to drink like college kids.

Monday June 9 - Fly home.

There has been some interest expressed by some folks who want to buy our bar tab or do something else nice for the bloggers, so I'm putting this "schedule" out there in order to help plan our time a little more and maybe get us some free drinks. I am in no way responsible for your good time, and I promise not to hold you responsible for my good time.

My goals for the trip -

1) Have StB buy me a nice lunch in accordance with our wager on the Davidson/Wisconsin game.
2) Drink with my friends.
3) Tilt at least three people by my atrocious play at a 2/4 limit table.
4) Drink with my friends.
5) Take a certain member of my home game entourage to a certain adult establishment and get him a lap dance.
6) Drink with my friends.
7) Buy Pauly, Otis, Change100 and all the other poor saps who will be killing themselves at the WSOP a drink.

I'm gonna chill out and have a good time. Organizing tournaments for 100+ people is stressful, so this time 'round, I'm just gonna have as good a time as I can without ending up in a wheelchair.


Special K said...

What are the dates?

Joaquin "The Rooster" Ochoa said...

I will be bringing out a few of the playmates that my cousin works for...they like to play at the Penthouse Club here in NYC. Can I get dates and a banner.

Drizztdj said...

Who the hell drinks enough to end up in a wheelchair?

$mokkee said...

i really don't mind if there's no live bloggah tournament this time around. the BBT3/TOC on Full Tilt is scheduled for Saturday, June 7th. so i guess a few of us will be hold up in our room nursing hangovers donking thru the field.

Tcsparky said...

How come you didn't buy me a lap dance on my first trip to Vegas????

StB said...

Hooters is nice!

DavidWestbay said...

Due to conflicting schedules, I will be unable to attend the Summer Classic this year. I will try like hell to keep my calendar open for the Winter Classic 2008.

There will now be a two-second pause while everyone says, "Who are you again?"