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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Honest Question

Can one person make a difference in our country by running for office? Or is our system so corrupted by partisan politics and pork that one person of principle cannot make a difference, regardless of party affiliation?

This question has nothing to do with the election in 17 days, and everything to do with the one two years from now.

You're an educated bunch, and some of the smartest people I know. So tell me, does one person have the power to change anything?

And if not, what would it take for one person to make a difference?


Anonymous said...

I think the real change starts with more local politics. Which leads back to the individual who needs to contact their local legislators to help facilitate change. -Erika

Bloody P said...

I really think that one person can make a difference.

Obviously, I'm going to get ridiculed here for being Obama's biggest blogger "cheerleader" (see, but I think that if he wins the election in 17 days, he can really make a positive change in the way America does politics moving forward.


Because I believe that Obama is wise beyond his years, he is calm and collected under pressure, and that he will choose smart, diverse, challenging people to be in his administration.

Also, think about the fact that an African-American candidate for President of the United States of America is currently ahead in the polls to lead our country into the future.

And then consider this: our country today is in dire straits. And we are (presumably) going to elect a BLACK MAN to get us out of the mess we're in.


Obama has already made a difference in changing thinking nationally about race and competency in this country, so who's to say he won't make a marked, positive difference in a currently corrupt system?

I think he can. And I honestly believe that he will do everything in his power to make that difference realized.

I'm Bloody P, and I approve this message.

Bloody P said...

Also, why in the hell aren't you following me on Twitter?

I thought we were AV Nerd brothers...

NickA said...

Yes. That one person needs to lead a team of people to help, but yes, one person can make a difference.

The future is hard to predict ... but look how much difference one person, our current prez, has made ... and the team he's been with. Remarkable, eh?

Skid Marquis said...

Echoing what Erika said - I know people are really caught up in this Presidential Race and thats good (I suppose), but really and truly - people should be concerned first and foremost with who is running their citys, counties, states, and repping them in Congress.

No matter who is elected president, either choice will eventually lead us to the same destination. Perhaps one path may be rockier than the other, but ultimately, the results will be largely the same.

Obama is a very smart man...if he wins and does what he says, the country will be better for it in many ways. i also think that mccain is not nearly as stupid as some of the haters think. Their hatred of George W. Bush has definitely clouded voter judgement..

I will support whoever wins and i am looking forward to getting the election over. the best thing for our country to do is matter who the president is. this is, after all, the united states of america...

DrChako said...

One person can make small differences. The big stuff is too corporate. I'm not saying it's a bad thing - it's just a fact. Plus, a bunch of small changes can, in fact, eventually lead to a trend, but only over generations - not over one administration.


Anonymous said...

I think Harry Taylor is another candidate with great potential. Think of the man who told President Bush he should be ashamed of himself, sitting in Congress and looking out for the regular people. If this sounds naive to you, let me ask you this: Do you prefer a world where cynicism is the only logical viewpoint?

Anonymous said...

Walter Mosley's new book is about this very thing. His character Socrates Fortlow gathers people he knows and tries to get them to move past "that's the way it is, nothing we can do" to "but if we could do something, what would it be?" In the book, of course, it blossoms into an enterprise that helps the disenfranchised in undreamed-of ways. John, you're our own Socrates!

Anonymous said...

So tell me, does one person have the power to change anything?

No, the parties are too entrenched and too selective for conformists.

And if not, what would it take for one person to make a difference?

Deregulating the campaign financing laws would make it easier for new parties to get involved. The intricate regulation only serves as a barrier to the non-experts.

Wwonka said...

The way everything is now I doubt that one person can affect that much change.

StB said...

Ronald Reagan made a difference. But he was fighting socialism and communism, not promoting it.

Moses Cottonpannies said...

stb said Ronald Reagan made a difference. But he was fighting socialism and communism, not promoting it.

This isn't my lil corner of the intantez, so I'll try and keep this polite - but F@#K!

I'd like to know when the idea of taxing the rich and having tax cuts for the middle class became socialism... much less COMMUNISM?

It sincerly just boggles the mind that people want MORE of the same economic policy that has put us ALL in the f*%#ing shitter.. What are you - some kind of deranged masochist?

As for healthcare, if you already have it.. NOTHING WILL BE CHANGED.. except maybe you'll pay LESS... what is so hard to understand that the 50 million people who are not covered are a fucking DRAG on our economy.. WE are paying for them.. Does that compute? Do you understand?

As for Reagan, he was awful, the second worst president ever. Ronnie's the one who introduced and promoted the evangelicals movement the same assjackets who destroyed the Republican Party.. trickle down economics... insituted the death of the middle class.. fermented hatred between the races.. let AIDS run rampant when it could have been contained at the beginning.. Iran Contra, changed the mental health system thereby creating the homeless... on and on.. He was a pile of shit and of course, people of your mindset have been swindled into believing he was some kind of hero.

This sanctification of him that neocons have perpetrated makes me wanna vomit.. It's all a lie. So as you can see - nothing's changed.

BamBam said...

I think we need to be honest and apply a little historical value in here somewhere. For surely I can get everyone to agree on one simple statement.

History has a way of repeating itself.

So looking back in time, I'd surely say yes. One Person running for office can indeed affect change. Also looking back, the obvious key point would have to be what kind of change? For the better, or not so much?

My personal opinion on the matter is not "what" they do, it's "how." For many of the "what's" that got done back in time, seem to be backdoor politics and quiet little deals that impact an entire Nation.

If you look back at some of the greatest feats achieved by many of the Worlds Political leaders, there's always that common thread. "How" they did what they did. What they did was only the result. How they did it was what was so special. They made us, them, you, me, hell everyone BELIEVE in "what" they were doing, by how they did it.

No B.S. backdoor deals. Never failing on a promise and never backing down against someone that stood in their way. I'm not talking war either, no sir! Something much more difficult than war, real diplomacy and an iron clad belief in doing the right thing.

You show me these qualities in a leader again, and you'll be showing me the next individual that can affect change on a Nation.

All that's left then is, what kind of change? But I'd like to think positive enough about someone with those qualities, and say it'll be a better place in the end.

Anonymous said...

LOL at Moses Cottonpannies. WOW, is all I have to say with that post. The president of the USA does not have any control over the economy. None. Period. You should take a look at Obama's history when he represented ACORN and sued Citibank. The lawsuit forced Citibank to give out "affirmative action" loans to people that did not qualify for the loan. And you blame a president that had nothing to do with the situation is just...LOL.

Let AIDS run rampant. How?...LOL

People like you with your mindset and your revisionist history make me want to vomit.

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