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Returning the Favor
Returning the Favor
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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Another day in Paradise

No, I have not switched all my accounts over to Paradise Poker, but I do like the soft tables at Pacific. I'm sticking with low buy-in SNGs, low-limits and $25 NL tables at Party until I can build a decent bankroll. Up to $125 from $50 this week, so that's going pretty well.

I actually won another $5 Omaha Hi-Lo SNG the other night, and what I'm realizing is that at the low limits, nobody else really knows how to play that game, either! Not complaining, mind you, just surprised that a game that is apparently so much more complex than Hold 'Em can play so soft. Of course, online it's just chips, not money, right?

So I have come to believe something I read on another site or forum - Omaha Hi Lo is a game of "The Nuts." You either have the nuts, or get the hell outta the hand. If the board is 8 5 K 9 2, and you're holding A 3 X X, you're getting at worst a quarter of this pot, so run it up there. I also realized that if a pot gets quartered, you only make money if there's as much money in there as possible from as many people as possible, so early betting is pretty important. As people fall off from their draws not materializing, your odds of actually losing money in a quartered pot get higher, so pay attention to what's going on around the rest of the table!

Shifting gears - tonight we open Anna Karenina, our first show in the new space (called SPAC, for Southend Performing Arts Center). Two and a half hours, roughly 200 lighting cues. Not that many, unless you consider it's an 80-seat theatre with something like 20 lights in the air! Having a set of4 scrollers has added tons of color to the show, and the Selecon 90-degree just makes beautiful light, so I'm pretty pleased with the show, or at least I will be once I finish the two pages of cueing and focus notes I've got to fix by 8PM tonight. The show is good, it has really come together the last couple of nights. Last night the leads got horrifically lost in one scene and wandered around the script for a few minutes before finally getting back on some semblance of track, but it was all okay in the end. If I can figure out how to post pictures, I'll upload a couple later on.

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