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Returning the Favor
Returning the Favor
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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Is it still Monday?

No, but damn, this week is rolling FOREVER! Last weekend's poker pretty good - ended up about $80 in cash games, plus my perennial 4th-place finish in a monthly tourney I play in. I've played 5 times, gotten one 3rd, out of the money once, and 3 4th-place finishes. I get my buy-in back at 4th, so I feel like I should just not post a buy-in, play for 4 hrs, and then get up and randomly leave. It would have the same results.

I'm on a little break from online poker, trying to cut down on the hours I've played. I've seen my play slipping a bit online (and when you're only OK to start with, a little slip costs $$$$), so I' m gonna cool it for most of the week and play some more next week.

Got comps tonight to see Savion Glover's Improvography show, and I'm uber-stoked about that! I'm in a place theatrically where I want to push and explore new forms, so maybe his tap show will jar something loose. I'm looking for mime/percussionist/gymnasts for my upcoming production of Rosencrantz & Guildenstern, so maybe tap will work into that somewhere as well.

On a bummer note, Sam Mills, former Carolina Panther and linebackers coach, died Monday of cancer. He was a hell of a player, running back an interception for a touchdown that sparked the Panthers first-ever victory. He was also a hell of an inspiration, remaining on the sidelines motivating his boys to Super Bowl 38 after his diagnosis with cancer. They gave him maybe 3 months, he fought for almost 2 years. But he lost. And it's not fair. It's not fair that a good man is dead at age 45 to a disease that we could find a cure for if enough resources were pointed in that direction. It's not fair that my wife's best friend has to take a cocktail of drugs to keep his HIV under control while billions are spent in a useless war, and even more billions are spent on other useless pork-barrel bullshit causes when we need to look around and stop the dying. I'm a little bitter. Sue me.

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