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Returning the Favor
Returning the Favor
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Monday, October 24, 2005

Sunday Busy Sunday

So I woke up Sunday in Raleigh. Wake Forest, actually, about 3 hours from home. I had been there for two days as an adjudicator (not judge) in the NC Theatre Conference High School Theatre Festival (not contest). In a day and a half I watched 12 high school plays, cut down to 45 minutes each. For some of you this may sound a bit like running your nuts through a wood chipper, but I actually enjoy it. The quality of theatre is typically better than you would expect, with some bold choices in material and some excellent production values. We saw an excellent production of Charlotte's Web (no really, it kicked ass), a great segment of The Kentucky Cycle called Tall Tales, and a piece called Norah's Lost, which was a heartbreaking piece about the death of an old woman with Alzheimer's. I was really in no shape to adjudicate that piece, since a month ago my grandmother died, and she had been suffering from Alzheimer's for years. So that was kinda ugly. But I got over it. Mostly.

Drove home in time to not be at strike for my show. Love it. And in time to play the Pokerstars Blogger Championship Tourney. Loved it. Good structure, with 2,000 starting chips and 30 minute levels. I was at a table with a bunch of ghosts and folks I didn't know, but I went over to sweat Wil, G-Rob and Al at the TV Hair table for a little while. I did okay, managed to squeak out in 115th out of over 1400 players, so I'm happy with my performance. For the last hour of the blogger tourney, I was being blinded out of the live tourney I play in monthly here in town, so as soon as I busted, I hopped my ass in the car and proceeded to not make the money in that one either. I just couldn't really get anything going in either tourney, despite playing The Hammer to the hilt in both games, bluffing hard post-flop in the blogger tourney and catching a pair of 7s to make bottom pair good in the live tourney. In the end, my AQ no good in either one.

Thank God for cash games. And loose callers. When Dad raised all-in over my $4 bet with my KQ, and Nat called all-in, I figured what the hell, it's just another $3 for a Q-high flop and my kicker is pretty good. When Dad flipped Q5 o/s and Nat showed his flush draw, I was even for the night on one hand. Ended up catching enough good cards and pushing enough thin edges to finish up $40 in the cash game, which covered my tourney buy-in and a $20 profit. Not bad for $10 buy-in .25/.50 NL. In the interests of full disclosure I did buy in for $20 in the cash game just to have enough ammo, but I still left with profit. So it was a good night all around.

The blogger tourney was great, a ton of fun, and I hope that Pokerstars will do it again. I really like their tourney structures there, so will probably be on tonight for one of their cheapo NLHE MTTs. I'm gonna try and follow the teachings of Joanne and look at making the money as a victory, and focus on that first, then make moves to increase the profits. Let's see if I can adopt that mindset change.

Oh, and Vegas update - Me, Twitch, E3 and BlackMike will be there from Wednesday - Monday. Cashing in the frequent flyer points means flying at the whim of USelessAirways. More time in Vegas. Darn, whatever will we do?

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