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Returning the Favor
Returning the Favor
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Monday, March 27, 2006

God, Monday again?

What’s that I see? Is that? Yes, it might be…I vaguely remember it…yes, that’s daylight! Saw a little of that this weekend as we come to the end of the tunnel for this dance concert that has been all-consuming. My pieces are looking very nice and the choreographers are very pleased with the work I’m doing, and the checks won’t bounce, so that pretty much sums up my level of give a shit. I just don’t have the energy to get all art-faggy about my “artistic vision” for the piece and piss and moan when the choreographer wants something changed. My job is to help them realize their vision of the piece, not create my own separate vision. Period. Keeping that firmly in mind helps me keep a cool head when I re-write all the cues for the first dance piece for the fourth time tonight before dress rehearsal. If I do this right tonight, then maybe I don’t have to go back tomorrow. But I’m not holding my breath. I figure I’m there tonight and tomorrow night, and then back Friday night for photos after the show, and back Sunday afternoon to tear it all down. Anybody wanna make a quick $150 Sunday afternoon? I need a couple other electricians (smart people with wrenches, little or no experience necessary).

I did also play a little poker this weekend, and I have to disagree with the folks that say the Turbo SNGs are the new Peep Sex. Those things flogged me for 0-2 this weekend, and I’m 2-1 in the regular token SNGs. Think I’m gonna stick to the regulars for a little while. I burned a token Saturday night in the 18K guaranteed and cashed in 46th for around $50. Not as great as a couple of my blogger buddies, but still a happy return on $6. My key hands were having Aces hold up twice and cracking a big pocket pair with a 4-flush.

My opponent’s key hand was flopping top & bottom pair to my bottom two pair and takinghalf my stack. He was a tight player immediately to my left in the BB. I hadn’t seen him show down anything but premium hands for the last 30-45 minutes, and very little early-hand aggression. He min-raised the blind, and I called with 8h9h. Slightly loose call, but it felt good. Flop comes A 8 9 rainbow. I think I’ll get all tricky, because my read of him puts him on Ace-and-a-face, so I check. He bets the pot and I push over the top (We’re already in the money, so my aggression is intended to gather enough chips to get me to the final table. I’m the chip leader and he is 4th in chips with half my stack. Plus, my read on him is tight, so if I can pick him off here, that’s a threat removed.). I absolutely wanted the call, since I was pretty sure he wouldn’t have raised preflop with anything lower than A-10, but seeing him turn over Ac8c made me throw up in my mouth a little. So I went through the thought processes, trusted my read, put all my chips in when I thought I was a serious favorite, and was absolutely totally wrong.

Probably a better move would have been to make a raise of 3-4x his raise, then garner information based on his response. If he pushed in that situation, I might have been able to put him on a set and get away from a hand. If he smooth called, I’d have just made the same move on the turn with the same results. I have a terrible time putting someone on a big hand when they just call me, so it probably would not have worked out any differently. Thoughts?

I was amazed at how soft that tourney was – we lost 500 of 800 before the first break. I need to get more tokens and play that tourney more often on weekends. I can’t play those reindeer games on weeknights, start time is just too late for this East Coast boy, but weekends have more drunken donkeys any way.

Went on to play the WPBT tourney last night, and continued my streak of 2 POY tourneys, 0 POY points. I built a nice stack really early, then went way card dead for half an hour or so, then made a bad move overplaying tens, and then went out when Jaxia rivered two pair to beat my top pair, middle kicker. Meh. Totally unthrilled with my play in the last couple of blogger events, I just can’t seem to get my groove going. Maybe less time on the girly chat thing while the tourney is going on would help my focus.

Decided instead of reading and going to sleep at a decent hour, that I’d scour the internets for the dregs, those little random dollars left over at sites you don’t like anymore after cashouts. Dropped in on and saw the $23 I had floating around, signed up for their $3 tourney and final tabled that for a $10 win. I think that sucks for two hours work, but damn the players there are dreadful, so I’ll probably throw that $30 around their multi-table tourneys until it’s big enough to care about or it’s gone.

Current musical recommendation – Ryan Schupe and the Rubber Band – “Even Superman”


Daddy said...

Dinner and drinks Thursday?

Falstaff said...

oh hell yeah!

Joaquin "The Rooster" Ochoa said...

Too funny about throwing up...I know that feeling...booo! Also, the whole faggy line is funny, too.