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Returning the Favor
Returning the Favor
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Thursday, March 16, 2006


Now that’s love. Actually I think it’s unparalleled greed, but that’s okay, too. My wife has decided to take up online poker. Not because she wants to work on her game, spend more time together at the virtual tables or get to play with bloggers. She wants to win enough to cover a buy-in at the $1K WSOP event for herself, because that doubles our chances of winning, in her opinion. I’m not sure I think this is the finest of American logic, but hey, it got her online and thinking about her game, so that’s a huge first step.

So last night, I sat down and set her up with an account on the finest poker site on the intarweb. And we played donkey poker. $.05/$.10 NLHE is a perfect place to learn the mechanics of the game. Okay, I could have also set her up on the limit tables, but I wanted to play with her, and nickel/dime limit would make me stab my eyes out. So after she made her first successful Neteller deposit (using BONUS CODE FALSTAFF, of course), away she went. It took a little while to get the mechanics of things down, such as the little slider bar for raising, and crap like that, but by that time the table was full and we weren’t having to play three-handed with me on the laptop and her at the desk (facing opposite directions for the suspicious).

So I’m stuck a buy-in at the donkey tables, thinking this may be about the skill level I’m playing at in general right now, when the hand of the night occurs. I flop top two pair, Mrs Falstaff (yes, that is the name I set her up with on FTP) calls me flop bet. Hmmmm. She’s played fairly tight so far, what’s going on. 3rd club hits on the turn, and I’m nervous. Wifey likes to chase the draws. She bets, I call, thinking I might still have outs. And because I’m a donkey. River is a blank, she checks, I smell weakness and push. She instacalls me with her TURNED GUTSHOT STRAIGHT FUCKING FLUSH. Yes, indeed, my wife put me on tilt by trapping me on the river at the $10NL table at Full Tilt last night. Maybe she needs to be doing the blogging, since she’s actually up for the month.

So tonight we’ll be on Full Tilt hanging around the micro-limits, We’re Jhartness and Mrs Falstaff. Yes, we will probably be in the same room playing, but I promise not to collude, especially at the $10NL tables. BTW, Drizz, I’m thinking of you and yours as I lounge around in my short sleeves today. I love spring. It did get cold here yesterday, though. I think it got down to near 50 last night. Don’t worry, your revenge will come in August, when I hate the South.


drewspop said...

Duh, I am an idiot. I didn't connect the Stars screen name the other night in the WWdN. I would have said hi. I enjoy reading your blog. Good playing with you.

Drizztdj said...

I'm shipping you all the snow I shoveled this morning.

Just don't eat the yellow parts.

Joaquin "The Rooster" Ochoa said...

dude, your wife is going to have to pay your way into the WSOP Event...haha! She's like, I had to stake the bumb, Joaquin...he went broke 5 times...why did I get hitched to a donkey? Guest post by Mrs. Flagstaff