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Returning the Favor
Returning the Favor
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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Home again

Back from the SETC Conference in Orlando, safe and sound(ish).

Quick recap, more details to follow -

Lots of great young actors, singers, dancers and technicians brimming with enthusiasm about the future. Fuck I'm old.

Blew $185 at the Hard Rock Seminole in Tampa - Worst.Poker Room. Ever. Full report to follow.

Sat next to friends on plane ride back, preventing having to share armrest with 400-lb. sweaty man or woman. Talk about priceless.

There is a serious difference in attitude in children going to Orlando and children returning from Orlando.

Chevy Malibu rental car was cool. Orlando Wyndham resort was cool. Pillows sucked. $4 for domestic beer without seeing boobies sucked. Rest of resort was cool, even restaurants weren't bad.

Again, Worst. Poker Room. Ever. More to come.

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