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Returning the Favor
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Monday, November 06, 2006

Great News!

I thought it had been lost forever, but I just found my habeas corpus!

The bad news is the G.W.'s Posse Comitatus is holding it for ransom.

When I directed God's Country a couple of years ago I read a book called the Turner Diaries, which has been detailed as a blueprint for insurrection, and actually is the book that taught Tim McVeigh how to make a truck into a fertilizer bomb. I'm sure I'm on some type of government watch list just for buying the damn thing on Amazon, but the actions of this government in recent months are coming closer and closer to events that took place in the Turner Diaries. The concept of a national ID card, nobody being allowed to enter or leave the US without government clearance (Yes, including US citizens!), the new ability of the federal government to use the US military in action against US citizens on American soil all sound eerily like things that this radical nutjob wrote in a book that people use as a blueprint to blow up buildings and kill people.

Let me be very, very fucking clear on this. I do not advocate blowing up buildings, unless you own the building and it is empty. In that case, make all the boom boom you want. I do not advocate a violent overthrow of our government. I don't really advocate violence, regardless of how much I wanted to beat the everloving shit out of the guy in the Take-Out Order Pickup Line at McCallister's today who didn't have a Take-Out Order and had obviously never eaten at a FUCKING DELI before, as he considered the metaphysical ramifications of every single goddam menu item.


Ok. I don't advocate the violent overthrow of our government. Yet. But I do advocate the peaceful overthrow of our government. And tomorrow is your chance. Throw the bums out. Every single one of them. Except Barney Frank, because we need a good old-fashioned New England queen in Congress.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Great, now the FBI is going to be in Vegas in December.

Fucking great.