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Thursday, November 02, 2006

More Politics

I promise, I'll take it back to being a poker blog after you all go out and vote next week.

But here's my take on John Kerry and his statements this week.


I don't think he's stupid enough to have meant that all our military personnel in Iraq are stupid and uneducated. But I do think he's stupid and meant to say that if you've got an option that will keep you from going to Iraq, try to exercise it. Which is dumb. Brutally dumb. Plenty of folks over there are highly educated career soldiers and reservists who are proud to serve their country in this war. And whether or not you agree with the war (and I don't), it's not for me to tell anyone who is career military not to go if they're called. My job is to sit here safe in my house doing my job that is non-life-threatening, and say "thank you" when they get home. And to shed a tear if they don't. If I disagree with the war, I need to make my opinons known to the folks that keep it going, and I get that option on Tuesday. Yeah, I know, Kerry was a war hero. He was also a vocal war protestor and has a long history of slagging the military.

So he's a dumbass. I can only hope that the Dems don't let this goober run for President again. And for that matter, Hillary either. We've got to face facts, you can't win the White House if you can't win the South. And the ugly truth looks a lot like this - if you aren't a white guy with a southern accent you're gonna have, as my mother puts it, a tough row to hoe.

That means Hillary is unelectable. Period. Too many people hate her guts. Too many people think Kerry is an intellectual snob and a blue-blood stiff. I happen to be one of them. Obama is also unelectable, because too many of my Southern friends and neighbors aren't ever going to vote for a black guy for President. These racist and sexist facts are things the Democratic party needs to buy into, and fast.

So who is electable as a Democratic candidate for President? I don't know if there is anyone, but John Edwards is close. He could have carried much more of the popular vote last time around, but sometime midway through the primaries he stopped being a fiery speaker and started being a big pussy. If he'd run his whole campaign on the backs of his mill-town parents and his self-made money, while swinging for the fences with straight-ahead attacks at the Bush administration, he could have won. But he pushed for "center" and to not offend anyone, and ended up looking like a big pansy. And then when he got partnered with Kerry (who has the largest cranium in the free world, what's up with that head?) he took the back seat when it was clear that he had all the charisma on the ticket. Bad mojo.

But I don't much give a shit if the next president is a democrat of republican. I just want Congress to no longer be completely controlled by one party. That's why I want everyone to vote a straight Dem ticket next week. Not because I love the Democrats, but because I want to see some balance restored. So go vote. Shit, if you live in Chicago, vote a couple of times, that's how y'all roll, right? Fuck it, don't even vote a straight party ticket, just vote out EVERY FUCKING INCUMBENT. THROW THE BUMS OUT. ALL OF 'EM.


1 comment:

biggestron said...

John Kerry may be an intelligent man, but he certainly isn't fit to lead. His screw-up last week made me wonder if he is working for the republican party. While there is a small grain of truth to his implication that we send the lesser skilled components of our society over to fight for us (putting aside the question of whether we as a nation actually wanted to be in Iraq) one has to respect their sacrifice and not make them the butt of jokes. Kerry completely lost credibility as a veteran with that one statement, and the Republicans jumped all over him for it - you simply cannot give an opponent an opening like that. He may as well have said "I don't want to be your president", because that one incident (like Howard Dean's heeeeeyaw!) has put him out of the race for good.

This rant brought to you by too much coffee on a Saturday morning.