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Returning the Favor
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Thursday, November 30, 2006


I've heard from a few people that they didn't think I was "doing theatre" anymore since Off-Tryon folded. That makes me giggle a little, since I'm certainly doing as much theatre since the closure of OTTC than I have when it was open, it's just not as visible as it was when I was running a company, I suppose. Here's a brief list of what I'm up to theatrically since last summer when Off-Tryon disbanded.

Designed lighting for A Chorus Line at Theatre Charlotte. A kickass production of A Chorus Line I might add.

Serving as co-chair of the Metrolina Theatre Awards, and as a board member of the Metrolina Theatre Association.

Serving as President of the NC Theatre Conference, as well as the NC State Representative to the Southeastern Theatre Conference. These are the leadership, service and advocacy organizations for the field of theatre not only in NC, but in a 10-state region.

Designed lighting for an original play called The Eyes of God.

Designed lighting for Tick Tick Boom.

Helped produce a major theatre festival for over 1,000 participants.

Been hired to design The Guys in February.

Been hired to design the NC Dance Festival Charlotte in February.

Been hired to design Les Miserables in March.

Been hired to design The Crucible in March.

And held down a full-time job.

In contrast, in the last year that Off-Tryon was in existence, I directed one show and designed the lighting for it, and designed two shows for other companies. Then we took a show to Stoneleaf and I handled a lot of that. That's it. So I'm actually doing a lot more theatre stuff now than I have in the past couple of years. And people are paying me to do it. It's been a nice change.

I'm also committed to a production of The Taming of the Shrew in Rock Hill in the spring, so that's another bit of insanity. So I'm still around, just not quite as visible as I may have once been

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Pokerwolf said...

That's a hell of a lineup for the next few months, Dude! Nice job!