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Returning the Favor
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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Inches > Pounds

So the same number has been staring up at me each morning from the scale for the past 4 days - 221.

Now that's a pretty good number, seeing as how the number was 265 when I started this weight loss extravaganza. But that's not the number I'm concentrating on today. The new number I'm focusing on is 44 - my current diameter at the gut.

Ten days ago it was 46.

When I was getting ready for the Metrolina Theatre Awards on the 15th, I had Suzy measure me, and my measurements were this -

Chest - 48"
Gut - 46"
Waist - I don't really remember, but probably something like 43" if the rest of everything holds true.

Well, today I was having issues holding up my new pants, and since I hadn't lost any weight (becoming frustrating since I've been working out like a fiend), I decided to measure myself and see if I just bought the damn pants too big or if I am the incredible shrinking Falstaff.

Chest - 46"
Gut - 44"
Waist - 41"

So I am the incredible shrinking Falstaff, and what they say about muscle being heavier than fat is apparently true. And as much as they SUCK, situps work. A bunch. It doesn't hurt that I've put almost 70 miles in between my real bike and my stationary bike in the last 7 days.

So this is what I looked like two weeks ago at the awards ceremony. I had to go for the rocker-chic look which I can't quite pull off (although it looks better in the full-body shots because then the ripped jeans and cowboy boots come into play) because none of my tuxes fit anymore. A nice problem to have, but it's starting to get expensive.

At least now I can buy clothes at Goodwill for my intermediate clothes. Note - there aren't really any clothes at Goodwill for fatasses, because people give away clothes they can't wear anymore, and it's usually (in America, anyway) because we're getting bigger! So if you're already fat, you're not gonna find much. But if you're getting thinner, the options become more open.

More to come later on my show updates and on the WPBT tourney - I've almost got all the details locked down, and I think it will work well for us. Certainly better than the dickcheese at the Orleans poker room, who seemed to go our of their way to screw us.

And I'm thinking Atlantic City the first weekend of November. I have to be in NYC that week anyway, so I'm gonna find a way to get to AC for the weekend before I fly home.

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