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Returning the Favor
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Thursday, November 08, 2007

I play poker g00t

I'm trying something new - different posts for each topic that I want to ramble on about over the course of the day rather than one long uber-post. So here's my poker content.

I played some SNGs.

I won them all.

I didn't suck out, except to re-suck out after the money went in with AA preflop, got cracked by some guy who hit two pair on the flop, then survive when I picked up a bigger two pair on the turn.

My current strategery is to fire up 3 SNGs (at a massive $2 per) and play them as I wind down from rehearsal each night. If I do well, it takes about an hour to complete, and I'm ready for bed. If I do poorly, it takes far less, and I'm still ready for bed. Since I am the worst internet poker player I know, this is about all I can afford to play, and it gives me my fix, so that's my plan - play cheap-ass SNGs for a little while, and maybe on rare occasion try a MTT or two. I gotta only play cash games live, because I just can't focus long enough to play online cash games. I get bored too easily. And I'd rather talk to my wife.

Look, it still is a poker blog.


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