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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

So about that poker thing...

In an ongoing effort to shed my title of the World's Worst Internet Poker Player, I've actually been working on my game a little bit.

I know, some of you who have stacked me in person might take exception to the word "Internet" in my title, but I believe that there are live players out there who suck more than me. Not fucking many, but they exist.

There's always Waffles, for example.

I kid, I kid. But that was too easy to pass up.

But I truly suck online. So lately I've been applying a modicum of thought to my game selection, and actually playing within a bankroll, of sorts.

I may have mentioned the night I put the remaining $8 in my Full Tilt account in play and actually cashed in a $3 MTT. That gave me a little seed money to play the $2.25 6-handed SNGs. I played a few of the 9-handed, but the 6-max SNGs fit my style of play a little better.

Some people have said that I'm a little aggressive at the table. They might be right. As such, the 6-max games are a better fit. So I decided to play the $2 SNGs until I had 30 buy-ins for the $5 games. Then I'd move up until I had 30 buy-ins for the $10 games, and so on, and so on.

Well, last night, as I was 2 cashes away from moving up to the $10 games, I hit a rough patch. I went 1 for 7 cashing in $5 6-max SNGs, and ended up dropping $25 last night. And this is certainly a case where I don't really give a shit about the mobneys, but rather I'm interested in the experiment. I'm seeing just how far up the ladder I can go before I begin to encounter consistently decent play.

I'm not looking for good, I'm questing for mediocre.

Right now, I'm still not very good at internet poker. I have to open up 3 tables to keep any interest at all on the games, and frequently still find myself reading a book between all the fold, fold, fold that I'm doing. I'm playing around 25% of the hands in the games that I'm cashing in, and that's about enough to consistently cash. I've run my $8 into about $250, and think that I might be able to actually do this with some consistency for a little while, at least.

But I'm not making any money because I'm playing particularly well, it's more because my opponents suck soooooo bad they make me look like a genius. So I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'm playing online again, although I haven't thrown my hat back into the cash game ring, which is where I go broke online time and again, and while I'm profitable, there are no worries about my expectations of performance in our little gathering in a couple of weeks, because I still suck at poker.

Home game at my place Friday, bring leftovers.


BamBam said...

No fair...

I swear you stole this post right out of my computer. How the hell did you get access???


See you at the tables.


yestbay said...

If you are the worst Internet poker player on the planet, is there a level below that? Negative territory? Because I am way below your success rate, and I am playing the same donkeys in the $2.25 SNGs as you, and not cashing as often. Although I have had a very short streak of cashes in the last couple of weeks, I haven't been finishing ITM consistently.

Guess I should expect to be the dead money poster boy at the Winter Classic. Guess I'd better get my Harrington books back out and study hard to see if I can avoid that fate.

Jim The Knife said...

The most telling is your comments on "keeping interest" and "reading a book". I no longer play for real money on the net. It's just too boring and apparently you think so also. Playing for peanuts? Tut tut.

Playing in person allows you to converse with folks and is fun regardless of outcome.

Happy turkey day. see you tomorrow

BamBam said...

Happy Thanksgiving Falstaff !

Dawn Summers said...

No way are you even close to being the world's worst online poker player. That's my title and I've worked hard to earn it.

Anonymous said...

I think we have quite a bit in common. I just came across your blog and I've run my online poker account from $0 to around $550 in the past couple of months by focusing on my sit-n-go game.

My absolute strongest recommendation to you is to stop playing multiple tables at the same time and instead focusing on the table you're on.

I know this sounds hard, but this has made a HUGE improvement to my game.

How? By note taking. Intense note taking. Theres an article on this site:

Read the section about note taking.

What i do now on sit-n-gos is study every single movement of every person -- sometimes you cant get any info, but many times cards will go to the river and you get to see the goods. Here, i've noted what they bet on the turn with minimal hands, what % of the pot do they bet with flush draws, do they bet small with top pair to try to get more money in the pot, or do they push to win the pot outright then and there.

Do they limp with marginal cards early game or do they play the "tight is right" strategy early on.

Over 2 months, i have played with so many people that i will often enter a $5 sit-n-go and notice that i already have notes on 3 to 5 people. Now i know that they will limp in late position with suited connectors but raise with strong hands -- this has given me ability to read them and through some re-raises and pick up pots that i never would have won before.

I play on fulltilt and have no experience on pokerstars, so im not sure if theres any built in note features, but it sure has helped me.

Plus, this keeps me focused on the task at hand, not playing multiple tables and being distracted. It's actually "fun"!

best of luck to you!