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Returning the Favor
Returning the Favor
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Monday, November 26, 2007

More Winter Gathering Update-ish stuff

So if I were better at organizing things, I'd put all this info in a central repository, like the 2nd tab of the spreadsheet that I've emailed to everyone.

Which I'll do here in a minute or so.

But anyway, the kind folks at the MGM Grand are gonna hook us up with a couple of tables for Mixed Games on Friday night, so I needs to know how many folkses wanna play. Because it is a Friday night, and the room will likely be full, we're gonna get the tables rolling early, like 7PM. So grab an early dinner and come over for some donkage.

Or come for some donkage and then go for a later dinner. Whichever. Just lemme know who's gonna play so I can know whether to have one table or two. With nearly 100 people already signed up, somehow I think we won't have any problem filling two tables for mixed game donkitude.

You know the email addy.


Betty said...

ME ME ME... I could use the practice

PokahDave said...

Looking forward to it...
Dave D.
AKA DDionysus
AKA PokahDave
AKA DoubleDave

loona said...

I'm all for donating my cash to a worthy cause. What's the usual stakes for these mixed games?


Karol said...

Suggestion: update the FAQ with new Venetian time, etc. It's what everyone has linked to.

Looking forward to seeing you!

shamanalix said...

Count me in Friday night! MGM Grand's going to be Fishtank Central and Armadillo Heaven that weekend with the boxing crowd throwing money around. I was tempted to try the Venetian's Friday Night Bounty game, but ya swayed me...