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Returning the Favor
Returning the Favor
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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Minor Announcement for folks who might (or can) be in the area

With the celebration of my favorite holiday, and one of the most historically significant dates in our country's history approaching, I thought it was time to announce my intentions for celebrating this historic occasion.

Nah, screw 4th of July, I'm talking about my birthday.

August 14th marks the 35th celebration of my entry into this world, and as we've done the past few years, we'll celebrate with a poker tournament. Or maybe two. The details are as yet undecided, except that there will be a tourney at my house on August 16th. If you will be, or could possibly be, in the Charlotte region that weekend, let me know and I'll lock up seats. I can likely fit as many as three tables if there is demand. There will certainly be cash games, and I may try some type of 2nd-chance mixed tourney, or maybe an early tourney that is not just hold'em and a later Main Event, or something. But there will be some No Limit O8 played at some point.

You are all invited, and y'all can flip coins for beds, air matresses and recliners if you drink too much.


Jim The Knife said...

Why OF COURSE ... Wouldn't miss it.
I'm still waiting for your Vegas report.... especially the tourney that you won (chopped with 1 person)

tcsparky said...

Count me in! I wouldn't miss this!!

Drizztdj said...


If G-Rob is in the game I'll fly out :)