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Returning the Favor
Returning the Favor
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Saturday, June 07, 2008


Things I've accomplished since I've been in Vegas -

Got stuck

Got unstuck

Got stuck again

Chopped 1st place in the Sahara 11AM tourney (see got unstuck)

Went to dinner at a place where the waitresses have great, heaving jugs...of beer

watched columbo get a spanking in a family restaurant from the jagermeister girl

donked off chips at blogger mixed games (see got stuck again)

met Shamus and Poker Grump - two of my favorite reads

had to check my pocketknife at the door of a strip club

bought lap dances for several of my friends

woke up after 3 hrs sleep smelling of stripper perfume
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BWoP said...


APOSEC72 said...

See the dictionary for definition of "good times".

PokerGuy said...

I got stuck, unstuck and stuck again last time in Vegas too ;)

- John

PokerGuy said...

It`s me again, John. I notice all those text block ads and I would like to purchase one. Please contact me at with pricing details.


F-Train said...

good times, man. gooooooood times.

Anonymous said...

Good you really enjoyed!
i am happy with my idea of internet poker gaming. waiting for something good to happen in my life too.

jasper6294 said...

Thanks for being so cool to the new guy...

- Phil