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Returning the Favor
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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Bad Idea Bears

If you haven't seen Avenue Q, you need to. Mostly because pretty much everyone I freely associate with is the type of person that would enjoy the hell out of it. What's better than watching a puppet sing about internet porn, or wanting to go back to college and fuck a T.A.? Not much, that's what.

After watching the show, my friend Karen and I decided that two of our castmates that seem to always be at the center of trouble are now better know as the Bad Idea Bears. Wikipedia defines them as: The Bad Idea Bears - A duo of adorable but sinister teddy bear-like characters who are out to get people by getting them to do irresponsible deeds.
The boy is blue and the girl is yellow.

Pretty much sums up the people who I stay late at the theatre drinking with. Their reputation is only enhanced by the fact that while Blue Bear was in the scene shop playing poker with me during the show, Yellow Bear went to the liquor store for some refreshments to get us through the show. A bottle of Jack Daniels and two six-packs of beer later, we finished the show and managed not to kill anyone. Although I think my liver may be vacationing somewhere with Al's lately. This is the same pair that engaged in a short-lived fistfight at a cast party last weekend (although is it really a fight is a guy encourages the chick to hit him as hard as possible in the mouth, and after ten minutes of cajoling, she finally hits him, cutting her knuckle as his tooth goes straight through his lip?). This is the same pair that led a rousing game of "Never Have I Ever" backstage (yes, the median age of this bunch is 30).

So yes, Shakespeare Carolina now officially has our very own Bad Idea Bears.

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