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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Tiffany Michelle Pissed off The G - not smart

So PokerNews put up an official statement on the Battle for Tiffany Michelle's breasts. That plug shamelessly stolen from the Good Dr. If you're gonna steal, steal from the best.

So in essence, the deal went down like this -

Tony G and PokerNews put Tiffany Michelle into several events at the WSOP, based on the fact that "Tiffany's career was about to explode." That is obviously poker-speak for "she has a big rack." Now I'm not going to discount the fact that Tiffany Michelle may be a very good poker player. There is certainly a LOT to be said for the knowledge you pick up on the tournament circuit being around the best players in the world and their moves for months on end. There's also no question in my mind that her making the final table would have been a great thing for poker in general, as a smokin' hot chick at the final table would lure fish to the broadcasts (and thus the poker tables) like nothing since Moneymaker.

Except for two things.

1) She forgot to, as we say in the sticks, dance with the one what brung ya. Going around PokerNews and picking up UB patches was less than cool, and hurt her line as poker's new heroine. Let's face it, we know that the poker sites all line the halls of the Rio looking for easy pickings and there are plenty of agents that work diligently to squeeze every nickel for their clients. But I'm just a simple hillbilly from NC, and I think there's what's right, and what's wrong.

And what's wrong is not talking to the people that put your cute little arse in the event before picking up additional sponsorships. I don't blame the G for being pissed, and that is not a dude I'd want pissed at me. He's from the streets, as he might have mentioned once or twice in a feud with Cardplayer last summer.

I'm not saying that I'd have turned down the patches from poker sites wanting me to advertise for them. I'm just saying that I would have done my backer and my EMPLOYER the courtesy of a phone call saying "hey, is this cool?" And if I had been told no, then we would have started to negotiate.

Now I'm a decade older than Tiffany Michelle, and I'm not brain dead after playing poker for 12-15 hours a day, so it's easy for me to sit here behind my keyboard and armchair quarterback. But this isn't just a fresh-faced chicky from flyover country, this is someone who's been inside the business for over a year, and shoulda known better.

2) I did mention there were two things, right? UltimateBet is a fuckin' cheat site. Period. It is unacceptable for anyone (and Phil Hellmuth I'm talking to you, not that you'll ever read it) to advertise for a site that rips off players and undermines what little integrity there is in the game.

I'm not gonna say that poker is some pure avenue of sport, but the one thing we used to be able to count on was cheaters getting shot. Not so much anymore, as we see Men the Master getting plenty of TV time, and UB still sponsoring players. The cheating there has been proven and admitted, and still more stuff is uncovered every day. There's a great post on 2+2 about it, but really, Nat Arem is the fount of all knowledge. Go thank him for trying to keep your online poker roll safe.

So I can't say for certainty that I would have been clear-headed enough to avoid the mistakes that Tiffany Michelle made on her was to a 17th-place finish in the Main Event, but I hope so. I also hope that she can make apologies to the people she's pissed off with her actions this week and make it up to the PN crew, who did her a solid by staking her and really did kinda get the short end of the stick.

This is all my perspective from North Carolina, so if there's stuff I don't know, then I don't know it. If there's more to come out in TM's defense, then more power to her. She made a hell of a run, it's just a shame that these couple of stumbles left her looking less than pristine by the end of it.


TenMile said...

Nice summation of Tiffany's actions. Motivational background is lacking.

Jim The Knife said...

The only reason she's getting this much ink is cuz she's a "hottie".
And lest you forget:
"Money talks & bullshit Walks"

she'll fade away into the sunset unless she continues to do real
well in, lets say, a WPT event.

StB said...

All of that talking about breasts and not one good pic of them?