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Returning the Favor
Returning the Favor
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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I can has day off now?

Well, not really. So I don't have shows on Sunday, Monday or Tuesday of this week. Sounds like a great time to catch up on sleep and anything stored on the DVR for the past couple of weeks, right?


Sunday, despite the hangover and being up til 5AM drinking and bitching with theatre folks. Because that's what we do. We drink. Like frat boys. And bitch. Like the hosts of The View. So if frat boys hosted The View, that would be theatre people.

Hmmmm, that's kinda deep. I wasn't planning on waxing philosophical here. Shit, I don't even wax may car. But I do occasionally wax my rod.

Anyway, after staying up way too late on Saturday night, Suzy and I headed where? To the theatre, of course! We hosted a baby shower for our friends Iesha and Tadd, who are flying to Ethiopa to adopt a couple of babies once the show is over. Yeah, I mentioned that FedEx would just deliver, but they thought I was being crass.

No, really, poke a few holes in the box, they'll be fine. And cheaper. And after the shower, we headed over to my boss' house for spaghetti and tent building fun. See, there's this little bike ride I'm doing this weekend (scroll up for banner, because I'm too lazy for linkage right now, deal). And since it's going to be roughly as hot as the surface of the sun out there, we're building a massive tent to hang out under. 24' x 12' massive.

I'm not sure what my boss is compensating for, and I'm not going to look that closely at his bike shorts to find out.

Fortunately they managed to get the tent erected without my help or supervision (because helping guys get anything erected is not on my list of fun afternoon plans). So all I had to do was drink, eat pasta and help tear it down. That's pretty much the resume of any redneck - drink, eat and tear shit down. We've got that covered. Fixin' stuff - that might be tougher, but we're all born with an innate ability to tear shit down.

Then last night we went to see Batman with some more folks from the show. Best. Comic. Book. Movie. EVER. Holy shit. I was marginally bummed when I heard Heath Ledger croaked, because I really liked A Knight's Tale. Now I'm REALLY bummed, because he was fucking amazing. He was even better than Nicholson, and I really liked Jack's Joker.

Then tonight we're going to see Avenue Q, and meet up with some folks from the show for drinks afterwards.

So to recap, on my three days off from my shows, I've now spent every evening with people from the shows, and two or three of those days in one theatre or the other. Nice break, huh? Good thing I like these people.

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