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Returning the Favor
Returning the Favor
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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Back from the land of Glut

Man, if there were an Olympic event for gluttony, my family would be FloJo. There was so much friggin' food at my parents' house it blew right past "bordering on" and straight into slap-ass ridiculous.

So the Dear and Patient threw me out of the house on Christmas Eve so that she could go over to our next door neighbors' house, drag my gift out from their storage shed, and spend most of the day assembling my new poker table.

Now that's love. With her last paycheck from the musical she was running lights for (back in September), my Dear and Patient went to the Mart of Wal and bought me a poker table. I tried linking to a photo, but failed miserably. It's 6 1/2 feet long, oval, with 6 cupholders. Looks pretty nice for pressboard furniture, and has a dining tabletop that can go on it so we don't screw up the felt in our day to day lives. I was amazingly touched not so much by the gift, but that she went to so much trouble for this hobby of mine.

And that's what this really is - a hobby. I don't have any illusions of supporting myself playing poker. Those of you who've played with me and watched me eat know that there's no way my weak LAG-y play can support my grovery bill, but I don't need it to, so that's fine. I've gotten far more out of the writing and friendships than I've contributed to the internet economy in my losses, so that's cool.

I can be philosophical, I'm still in the black for the year, thanks to a decent tourney win on Stars back in March :).

And Amazon came through once again, my wife's Buffy the Vampire Slayer complete series DVD collection and Doris Day DVD collection sets both arrived on Friday, so there's been plenty of couch potato material for the last few days.

I'm slowing down my online play for a while, screwing around a little with low-limit Razz on Full Tilt and baby SNGs on Stars, and I'll play the Wil Wheaton tourneys, too (can't miss my weekly donation of cash to my favorite bloggers), but somebody PLEASE just tell me to autofold if Gracie is sitting on my left!

I'm Jhartness on those two sites, so if you see me, holla out.




TripJax said...

Glad Christmas went well for the fam.

Howz about you get in on this...

Donkeys Always Draw Invitational Tonight at PokerStars 9pm.
$10 buy-in
All kinds of bounties available.

Here are details...hope to see you there...

peacecorn said...

Call me! Please?