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Returning the Favor
Returning the Favor
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Friday, September 01, 2006

Marking Time

So tomorrow I get to go donate money to my buddies in G-Vegas, so last night I went back to what was once my favorite fishpond, and has lately been my lake of despair, Party Poker.

Let's just say that the river was less than kind. In the span of one orbit I had a set cracked to a rivered flush, top two pair busted by a rivered flush and a middle pocket pair (overpair to the board) busted by a rivered Ace. I was cruising along, thinking that I could get away after this last hand UTG, when I pick up a hand that is admittedly bad in Limit, KJ sooted.

It's been a fairly passive table, so I raise. I get two callers to see the Jack-high rainbow flop. I bet, both callers stay with me. Turn is a King which puts two clubs on the board. I bet, get raised by the guy on the button, and I put him on AK, since he falls in love with that hand and is incapable of releasing it after he misses the flop. I call (MISTAKE) and the third goof calls. The river brings the third club, I check, Goofball bets, AK raises and I fold, having seen this movie before. Goofball calls, shows his A-Rag of Clubs, AK guy flips up his AK, and I log off for the night. Hopefully Blood has invited some dead money for the side games this weekend...

In other completely geeked-out news, the sequel to my favorite compter RPG comes out next month. Neverwinter Nights 2 gets released on October 17th and I can't wait! The original NWN kinda rewrote the book on CRPGs, since it gave away the dungeonmaster's toolset with the game, allowing people to create their own adventures (modules) and distribute them for free (or a small fee) across the intarweb. I've honestly played this game off and on for the past four years, and because there are thousands of user-created modules out there, I can always find a new game anytime I want. You can also play online with other people on server-hosted persistent worlds, where they've created massive playing areas to explore, beat up people and beasties, and shit like that. I'm not much of an online gamer, so I usually just download the modules and play solo, but it's pretty badass.

The only hitch is the graphics requirements. I may see a new video card in my future...and maybe more RAM...and maybe a faster motherboard...or maybe I'll just buy a bigger box...then I can put my 250G music hard drive in a portable enclosure and move it from computer to computer...God, somebody save me!


Klopzi said...

Being a computer guy myself (although, I've admittedly steered clear of PC games since Xbox/PS2 entered my life), I'll have to blaspheme and say that some of the refurbished boxes sold by Best Buy can be pretty good and pretty cheap.

As for NWN, I remember playing NWN myself, great game, if a little linear and predictable at times.

I was always a Diablo/Diablo II nut myself...

Ok, enough computer talk. Have a good long weekend.

TeamScottSmith said...

The new Intel Core 2's are out. A new box is in your future.

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Enjoy the sickness. Also, I see my buddy telaat has been by. He's been busy, hitting me, Speaker, and several others. Must kill telaat.

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