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Returning the Favor
Returning the Favor
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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

A new goal? Maybe

Bad Blood says we need a new goal, something to inspire our writing and our play. My play has been dramatically uninspired for a while, so I'm going to take Blood's advice and some info from an article that Tyler Caby wrote on and tweak my game.

First, I'm cashing out a chunk of my bankroll, cashing down to $1,000. That will be $500 online and $500 for live. Then I'm going to grind limit for a few monthly bonuses that I can clear safely at those limits (thanks Interpoker!) and play low-stakes SNGs with the rest. Thanks to a monstrous losing streak, that puts only a couple hundred extra random dollars in my pocket, and I'll use it to buy Suzy something nice for her birthday next month, since I'm going to the Bash and leaving her at home, then going to Tunica and leaving her at home, then going to Vegas for work (wink, wink) and, yep, you guessed where she'll be. So I need a couple of husband-points there. And I don't think paying to have a tree surgeon come over and cut the limbs off the roof counts as a birthday present.

Hopefully this will focus my play somewhat, and my goals will be this - to be sufficiently bankrolled (again) to play 3/6 limit and $30 SNGs by the end of the year. Income from writing on poker and blog ads (I love my sponsors) will be split between helping pay for real life and padding the bankroll. And 25% of any weekly profits will be cashed out, excepting bonuses. This will actually allow me to pay myself something for playing cards, and should fairly quickly rebuild my roll to put me at more profitable limits.

So, starting today I have a bankroll of $1,000. I have a goal by December 31 of a $3,000 bankroll, which will also mean that I've cashed out at least $500 for other things, helping me be a little more well-rounded (insert gut joke here).

I had written a long a rambling post on the laptop yesterday about tech rehearsals and all the shit that goes into opening a show, and I'm really glad I didn't have any wifi access. Suffice to say that I'm opening a show tonight with in my opinion some of the best lighting work I've ever done, and that it's been a great experience to be back doing creative theatre work again. And the fact that they're paying for my trip next week doesn't hurt either. But really, the show is A Chorus Line, and it's a helluva good community theatre production. I'm sure it can't hold a candle to the Broadway revival next month, but it's a good show. I brought in almost as much gear as the theatre owns, and crammed over 200 lighting cues into a 90-minute show, which means that my spot op, board op and stage manager don't have any time to fuck around. Typical sequence -

"Standy lights 85, 86, 87, 87.5, 88, 89, 89.5, 90, 90.2,90.3,90.4,90.5,90.6, 91 and 92."
"Standy spot in, out on 85, in on 87, out on 90.2"
"85 gospotoutGo,86 go, 87 go, 87.5 go, 88gospotrestoreGo89go89.5go, 90goSpotoutGo90.2goGoGoGoGo91...GO. 92 go and thank you."

That's the last half of one number, and the crew is all volunteers. More power to 'em, I wouldn't want to run that beast. I just designed it.

Sometimes I'm just evil.


Klopzi said...

Good luck with the reduced bankroll. I had a similar goal, but then that damned Mansion promo came along and tied up a lot of my cash.

$3K by Dec. 31st? No problem.

Irit said...

Hi John,
I like your site & have a question 4 u.
What is your email address?
Please drop few lines to-

Cheers ;-)

Chilly said...

I need some bulbs changed. Can you help me out with that?

EAC said...

Me No Like Musicals

Tresa said...

After reading that cue sequence, I remember why I shouldn't work shows you design......I need to hang onto what little is left of my sanity.