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Returning the Favor
Returning the Favor
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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Yeah, well...

I'd love to have a great post about going down to G--Vegas and raking in enough cash to completely fund my trip to the Bash and but everybody their fill of SoCo on top of it, even BigMike.
Good thing I've got a day job to fund my trip to the bash and at least my drunkenness.

I can't even blame it on bad beats or unlucky tendencies, I just played poorly for most of the day.

Tourney #1 - never had chips, ended up in 2nd place for a strong start to the points race. Got all my money in on a bluff that I didn't think there was any way my opponent could call. He could. He did. His Ace high was good. I could have certainly picked a better spot. My bad.

Tourney #2 - had some chips, not a ton. Had position on Otis, which helped for a while until he got MUCH chips, then he just pushed me around, along with the rest of the table. Figured I could hammer on the other two players remaining, but there was to be no folding to my steals, so I was forced to have legitimate hands to win. My play is very limited when I am forced to have legitimate hands. I threw a bunch of chips away. Again, could have picked better spots. My bad.

Tourney #3 - I didn't outlast the ghost who went home for a nap after tourney two and didn't come back. My trips with an Ace no good against a turned boat. That one would have been a lot harder to get away from, but a good player probably could have managed. My bad.

Cash games - I no longer had position on Otis. That got expensive. It's a good thing I like all those guys, or giving them all that money would hurt a lot more.

I will drive that 90 minutes down 85 at the drop of a hat to hang with a dozen or so of the finest folks I've ever slung cards with. It's always a mark of great hospitality to me that no less than three people always offer me a place to crash whenever I'm down there. To be invited into the homes of these folks and then offered space on a spare bed, couch or even plush playhouse is really an honor.

Bad Blood always sets up a great tourney structure, and hopefully I managed to pick up one or two POY points for my futility. And Mrs. Blood makes the best meatballs in the upstate.

Came home and stemmed some of my online bleeding by dropping to $2/4 limit and playing only good cards. It's remarkable how much your VP$IP will drop when you remove hands like KJ, QJ, AT from your preflop 3-betting stable. I'd like to clear my Interpoker bonus this week, but the play has gotten very nitty since they changed their bonus requirements.

Oh yeah, and if you haven't signed up for the Mansion Poker guaranteed bet on the NFL season opener this Thursday, the line is now at 0, so all you have to do is pick the Steelers to win, and if they do, you win. If you made this bet last week, you're less happy that Captain Faceplant went in for an emergency appendectomy and will not play this week, because the line was a 5 a week ago.


Shelly said...

i wish i lived near g-vegas!! damn chicago :(

Shep said...

Great to see you again! you can sleep in my (bed) I mean house anytime you are here. you should think about coming to the spring hotel game sometime and stay with us, hell bring the wife and make it a weekend. dont forget the leaf festival on oct 20th near ashville, alot of us are going. if you need info let me know

Klopzi said...'re less happy that Captain Faceplant went in for an emergency appendectomy and will not play this week...

Unless you hedged your bet...Is it bad of me to root for the Dolphins?

TeamScottSmith said...

And a great time was had by all. Great sitting with you at the table again.

Drizztdj said...

I was lucky enough to hedge as well on the Dolphins at +4.

But, had I known it was going to dip to a pick em', I would have hedged on the money line at +170 and locked in a $500 profit with a potential $850 profit.