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Returning the Favor
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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

10 things I think I think, with apologies to Peter King

Here's what I think I think today.

1) LOST is badass. As I've said before, I don't watch TV until it comes out on dvd, so I picked up Season 2 of the mindfuck for Suzy's birthday. We're about halfway through the season so far, and Hurley is still my favorite. If he croaks, and you tell me in comments, I will hunt you down and shave your pets, then post humiliating bald-pet photos on this here blog. The same punishment applies to any spoilers for this show. I read on MSNBC how the plane crashed and am PISSED. I can't be the only one in the world who waits for shit to come out on DVD to watch it, can I?

2) is one of the finest uses of the interweb. It got me 5 CDs worth of Leftover Salmon's 1999 New Year's Eve show for FREE, BABY!!! Along with the Internet Live Music Archive, it gives me access to live concerts by taper-friendly bands. I am a live music sinner, though, for converting the concerts to lossy formats like AAC and MP3 so it won't necessitate me buying a new 80G iPod before it's time.

3) I fly to Vegas in 8 days. This makes me happy. My favorite cardio-blogger is headed to Vegas before he ships off to Iraq. The second bit makes me sad. I'll pray for you, Doc.

4) I'm still reliving Sammy putting Whipping Post into the middle of his bluegrass jam. Fuck, that hot.

5) I may in fact have the coolest sister in the free world. How does she repay me for buying her ticket to see Sammy last weekend? She calls into a radio station and wins me tickets to see The Duhks Saturday night! Bad-Ass!

6) Suzy and I are headed to the Ren Faire before we go to the concert, and I got a call today that led to a little nervousness about it. My nephew called me up and asked if I thought he'd enjoy the Ren Faire. He's a cool enough kid (I think that "kid" is 25 now), so I told him he'd have a blast. He told me that he was going with his Mom for her birthday, and he hoped he'd see me there. His mom divorced my brother when I was 17 or 18, and it hit me very hard. I spent a lot of time with them during my teens and confided in her a lot. When she left Tom, it felt like she'd left me too, and I still have some resentment there. I guess that's as close as I could get to what it feels like when parents divorce, even though it's not really anything like the same thing. I haven't seen her in better than ten years, so I'm not really sure how I'll feel running into her again. And I will, because LT's my nephew and I like hanging with him, so I'll make it a point to call him when we get close to see where he is.

Eh, fuck the navel-gazing, I need a new sword, and this is my chance!

7) Please welcome as a new sponsor to this little blog. They've really become one of my key sources of news, and not just because they employ a bunch of my friends and advertise with me. Well, actually, it is because they employ a bunch of my friends, because I wouldn't know shit about them if Dan hadn't told me about it this summer. But anyway, welcome!

8) I've got a bunch of articles coming out on about the gambling legislation and other jazz. Check it out.

9) If you've never listened to a band called Pinmonkey, download their song called "Big Shiny Cars." I can't help but think about bloggers when I hear it, it reminds me of Pauly and Otis. The band is of course now on hiatus, but the song kicks mucho ass.

10) I haven't played much poker lately, not so much because I'm afraid it's illegal, but more because I've lost most of my online roll and need the other money for other things, like a new lawnmower and a new digital camera. I'm still having my home games, and I might ride over to the card room tomorrow night for their weekly tourney.


Shelly said...

re: converting shows to lossy formats (like mp3) - i can only speak for the taper-friendly Dave Matthews Band, but most of the shows I've downloaded as shn's or flac's indicate that you should not REDISTRIBUTE the shows in a lossy format. i don't think it is frowned upon to rip them to mp3 format for your own use on your iPod or other portable music device.... as long as you aren't redistributing the shows in mp3. :)

Chad said...

Lost is much better when you can just rip through the DVD's when you have the time. I know for sure that it wouldn't have hooked me like it did if not for having borrowed the first season from my brother last year.(I usually am not in the same place on the same night of the week, and just got Tivo yesterday)

But this waiting week-to-week bullshit blows.

DrChako said...

Thanks man! I probably won't be able to get out to Vegas on such short notice, but I'll post the dates on my blog as soon as I figure them out. I'm looking at some time in November, I think.