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Returning the Favor
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Monday, October 02, 2006

Long Monday

Still waiting to hear official word from FTP and Stars, but as of now here's what I know.

UltimateBet still takes US players. Truepoker still takes US players.

Crypto sites are gone, daddy gone.That's a nice chunk of annual bonus dollars gone ker-flushy.

Party goes buh-bye. Bonus Code Billfristisacocksmoker.

Pacific Poker pulls out. Not that I'll really notice.

WPX is still taking US players, as is Paradise, and there's a good thread on 2+2 where the official statements from Poker sites, as well as postings, emails to players and other official or semi-official communication is being logged.

And you can follow my conclusions and mediocre analysis on Pokerworks, where I'm updating stuff as quickly as it can get sorted.

Can I sue Bill Frist for impeding my income?

UPDATE: will still welcome US players.

Update: Absolute still welcomes US players and Full Tilt is taking a wait and see approach. If you aren't following Bill's blog, go check out some of the in-depth stuff he's got.

This from Bill's blog, a reprint of Nolan Dalla's take on the issue. This is just a snippet.

D. Many sites use what are called affiliates. Persons who are affiliates and live inside the US will now be subject to arrest and prosecution, particularly those who do not block financial transactions from the US.

Bonus Code FELON?


katitude said...

Dayyam!! I wish I'd known about that bonus code before I used Bonus Code Iggy.

BTW, anyone wanna rent a Canadian address?

Pokerwolf said...

I prefer Bonus Code SPEAKEASY, personally.