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Returning the Favor
Returning the Favor
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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I'm back!

I'm home from LDI, the industry trade show in Vegas. I'll have a typically long-winded post later about all the things that happened, but here are some highlights.

Playing the Stardust before it closed (and yes, Chilly, I got you a chip)

Having the floor called for an all-in hand that I won at the Imperial Palace (ruled in my favor, of course)

"If you called, you win." at Bally's.

"If you can call me, you can beat me." at IP.

"You called, you must have at least a pair." at Harrah's

Losing and winning back $200 in four hands. Lost it with KK, won it back with JJ.

Missed hooking up with Miami Don, got sucked into a vortex of business dinners. Next time, dude.

The craziest game of poker I've ever seen spread - $4-8 unstructured at the Sahara.

And leaving Vegas in the black for the first time. Ever.

There are pictures. Go here to see what else I was doing. Keep the comments clean there, it's the day job.

See you fuckers in December!


Chilly said...

Yeah me!

Now what is the ransom for my chip?

Falstaff said...

Show up in December and we'll find something embarassing for you to do to earn it!

KenP said...

"The Congo Jr. I think it matches my eyes, what do you think? "

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