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Returning the Favor
Returning the Favor
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Monday, November 12, 2007

Yeah, there was kind of a weekend

I went for a short ride Saturday midday, but it was cold so I said fuck it and went and rode on the stationary.

Yes I realize that to some of you the low 50s does not constitute "cold." But you have chosen to live in places that are not the South, so your taste in geography and climate is obviously retarded. So fuck off, I got cold and went home.

Finished my part of the run in Dearly Beloved, which included exposing my fish-white belly to hundreds of startled theatre-goers. Bet they didn't expect to get their recommended daily allowance of vitamin Studly when they came to the theatre!

It was fun stepping into the role, and I think I did a good job with it. I got some laughs, but let's face it, anytime you've got a stoned hillbilly motorboating a blonde with a big rack on stage, there's going to be a big laugh.

And yes, I did indeed motorboat the boobies on stage.

Sunday we had a little game at the house, a 7-person tourney. I played so g00t I finished first.

First onto the couch to finish watching the Giants/Cowboys game, that is. Got no cards, got nothing going, then ran QQ into KK and went to the couch. Crazy Nate was the steamroller and built up a stack that no one could compete with, and after about 20 minutes of the most pussified, skirt-wearin, nutless wonder bubble play I think I've ever seen, Jim managed to hang on until Dave busted and then he picked up 2nd place.

Fortunately Nate used up all his card rack mojo on the tournament and bled off all his winnings and most of his other cash in the cash game, where I put on the card rack hat for a little while, then loaned it to Special K and then passed it over to T until I finally took it back late in the game.

I stacked Dave early when I caught the four-flush to the nut flush and his third nut flush was no good. I stacked him again later, but don't remember how. Nate and I passed a bunch of chips back and forth for a while, and then we ended up giving a bunch of chips to Special K. T picked up a bunch of chips with Aces, but left a pile on the table in the same hand by not betting out on every street. She did better later when she fired at the pot on several streets with a strong hand, and I folded my draw on the turn.

The last big hand was me against K, and it turned out to be a big one for me. I picked up 44 in either the big blind or the straddle, I don't remember which. Special K raised to $4.50 in middle position, and I called with one other player (almost certainly Nate, because that's how it happens at my game). Flop comes down A-10-A. I figured I was done with the hand when the first Ace hit, but when the second one came down, I thought it possible I could be good. I checked, Special K fired (I think it was about $6), and Nate folded. I raised to $15, and Special K called. Turn was a blank and I fired out $25. Special K thought about it for a while, and finally folded, remarking that it wasn't worth it to draw for a miracle river.

I was a little surprised, because that meant he had a 10, and put me on an Ace. Admittedly, that's what I wanted to happen, to get him to fold, but I thought I was likely ahead with my 4-4, and didn't expect him to lay down the better hand. But I'm not complaining, and next time we play I have to remember not to bluff into him, cause I'll gt picked off for sure. It ended up a good night, with my profits far eclipsing the $30 I lost in the tournament, and it was one of those rare nights when I didn't have to rebuy, so that makes it all the sweeter.

I've got a lot of work travel this week, and then on Thursday I head down to Orlando. I'm hoping I can keep the diet and exercise going. I'm down to 212, so I currently owe F-Train $65. I made the bet with him that for every pound I weigh above 199 when we get to Vegas, I owe him $5. That's contingent on him making his goal weight of 142, but he's only got another pound or so to gain, so his end of the deal is lock. At this point, with travel and Thanksgiving looming, I'm hoping I can trim down to where I only owe him a greenbird or so by the time we hit the Pai Gow table on Thursday night.

But I am down 53 pounds since I started this mess, a pretty remarkable accomplishment for me, and I'm typing this while wearing my favorite shirt. Why is it my favorite, you ask. Because it's a Large, no Extra in the size. For the first time since college I'm wearing a Large shirt. And that's pretty damn cool.


BamBam said...

Keep it up man.. Keep it up !

(Uh, you know I mean the weight, not the Gigli finishes.. Right?)

F-Train said...

You still have 3.5 weeks. 13 more pounds in that amount of time may be unrealistic, but you can definitely trim off a significant number between now and December 6.

And by the way... 53 pounds? Will we even recognize you?

Charles said...

If he is down to $65, look for the guy built like me.

loona said...

Congrats on the weight-loss accomplishments! Just remember, after that last slice of pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving go for a bike ride.

I'm offering a bounty of the tee shirt* that came with the Bacon of the Month intro package (thanks Al!)at the Winter Classic tourney. Now that you are wearing size L shirts, if you knock me out the bounty will fit.


*bounty may also include other goodies - undetermined at this time.

Ken P said...

do what the boxers do. hit the sauna hard and then the scales.