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Returning the Favor
Returning the Favor
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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Hello world, meet Hal

No, this is not a 2001: a Space Odyssey reference, but another Shakespeare reference. After all, Falstaff would be nothing in the Shakespeare canon without a Prince Hal, right? Or maybe I should name my new Mac Hotspur? 

So yeah, I went Mac. And almost a week later, I can't really see me going back. I picked up a used Macbook on Craigslist and feel like I got a great deal on it. It's a year old, with a fresh install of MS Office 2008, 2.2 gHz dual core processor and 4 GB of RAM. it's small enough to fit in my laptop bag, which obviously was designed around a 13.3" or smaller screen, and is screaming fast. 

I just spent the last hour or so playing around with Garage Band, which might be even more geeky cool than Guitar Hero, because it actually lets me create music from dozens of loops. Pretty nifty. Oh yeah, and I'm getting better than 4 hours of battery life at a session, which is roughly 4x the life of my old PC. In a little bit I'll post the movie portfolio I created this morning for a design interview I've got tomorrow, so you folks can see some of the lighting design work I've done over the past ten years. But I will note - running iMovie, Safari and Garage Band does make the processor work like a pig. Yeah, my old PC couldn't handle any two of those apps at one time, and I'm whining about a little fan noise when running all three? No, I couldn't be happier. Now to get all the porn off my old laptop and sell it on Craigslist...

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