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Returning the Favor
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Friday, May 30, 2008

Too much tech?

As I was writing an email to my new boss (more to come on my new side gig next week once I survive the first test of my ability to actually do the job) giving him my MSN messenger ID, I got an email from my new cohort on this gig asking for my Yahoo! ID so he could IM me.

Now I primarily use AIM for work, because that's what my company uses, and I use GTalk for my personal IMs, because I drank the Google Kool-Aid a long time ago, but I do actually have Yahoo and MSN chat accounts.

And a Skype account, because that's how PokerNews communicates.

And I use Adium to collect all my accounts into one umbrella, because Pidgin is PC-only, so I had to find a new aggregator.

And I have JiveTalk on my Blackberry so I can get chats during the evening or weekends when I'm away from a PC (which for the next 7 weeks might be never).

Now that I'm all Twitter-pated, I might be a little too connected.

But if you wanna find me - here's how.

Skype - johnhartness
GTalk - johnhartness
AIM - jhartnessnc
Yahoo! - pokerstage
MSN - johnhartness AT gmail DOT com

and most of you have my cell phone, so I figure anybody who gives a shit now knows how to get in touch with me in any of half a dozen or more different methods.

Yes, it's Friday. No, I don't want to spend the last two hours of my workday working. Yes, my WSOP kicks off early tomorrow morning, when I get up to at the buttcrack of dawn to do my first recap of the series - the $10,000 PLHE event for PokerNews. I'll be doing a bunch of the recaps from the beginning this year, splitting time with the finest cleavage in poker (aka she of the hat) and a new person who I don't know yet.

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