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Returning the Favor
Returning the Favor
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Thursday, May 29, 2008


I didn't know she had a sister!

Anyway, I did indeed play cards last weekend. It started off going very very badly, as I was on buy-in #3 within the first hour of play. I wish I could attribute it to anything other than simply playing poory, but I can't. I lost a buy-in to T when my flopped set was no good against her flopped bottom straight. I lost another buy-in to Nate with circumstances I've banished to the furthest reaches of my mind, and lost yet another buy-in to T when I flopped TPTK on a Q-high board. Thinking my AQ was good, I jammed, knowing she'd call with several inferior holdings.

Of course, she'd also call with QQ for top set, so that wasn't my best move. I managed to recover a bit, finding myself heading into the O8 portion of the evening only about $100 down. I picked up half of a big pot with an emergency high, making a baby flush that was good since both my opponents were going low, and then picked up a couple of other medium sized pots to finish up $70 on the night. I certainly don't mind the results, but living through $400 swings in a .25/.50 game is starting to wear on my. Maybe if I looked at my cards preflop I'd increase my fold equity.

Naaaah. I've worked really diligently on creating a particular table image at my home game, and I just need to realize that it's worked, everybody thinks I'm a nutjob (I am), and live with it. It's a fun game, and I think that at times it's a running contest to deliver the worst bad beat of the night. Tough on the fenders in the street, but fun for the rest of us.

With Vegas looming on the horizon next week, I'm about 98% guaranteed to play the $150 shootout at Binion's at 4PM on Saturday. I think it'll be interesting to play a live shootout, and the price is right. Also, with a shootout, if I win my table, I should be in the money, so that's also appealing. Most of the rest of my time will be spent playing 1/2 or 2/5 NL, but I do want to find a decent 8/16 or 10/20 limit game to try my hand at that game. Any recommendations are welcome.

There are also a few people that I want to meet while I'm out there (and no, I don't really care about any of the 'name' player). Shamus is always a great read, and he's out there as part of the PokerNews team. Haley is also out there, and I've worked with her for the last year without ever meeting face to face. And the Poker Grump is such a good read I'd like to tip a glass with him as well. And of course, the Good Dr., Change100, BWoP, F-Train, Pokerati Dan, California Jen, JenLeo, Schecky, Linda, The Shrink and way too many others to link. Because I'm lazy.

And StB reminded me that he owes me lunch because DAVIDSON beat Wisconsin like a drum in the NCAA tourney. I think I need to bring him a jersey. But I won't, because I'm lazy. If he's lucky, I'll bring his duck and let him visit.

Long story, don't ask.

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StB said...

Davidson, schmavidson. They shouldn't let duck terrorists like you in Sin City.