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Returning the Favor
Returning the Favor
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Monday, January 09, 2006

My nothing to report report

Just a bunch of miscellany from the world of Falstaff & co.

Played the local tourney last night, couldn't get anything going all night long. Bubbled out in 5th. Going out on the bubble is like kissing your sister, what's the friggin' point? I got frustrated because the play in general was too passive to get a read on where my hands were, so that cost me some chips, not to mention being card dead for the last two hours of the tourney. Or at least my last two hours. Woulda been nice to follow up my win at Blood's house with another one, but there's always next month. I think I played fairly well overall, it took me a little longer than it should have to adjust to the ridiculous amount of cold-calling with junk and overall passive play, but I played my short stack well, hanging on for a looooong time with an M of around 4-8. Oh well, that's poker.

The razz games on Full Tilt are absolutely softer than Marshmallow Peep Sex. I sat at the $2/4 for a little while the other night and was amazed at the level of play. And you know it sucks if I of all people can tell that the play is soft, cause I suck at poker. I left up about $20 after 30 minutes. I know, the game was good I shoulda stayed, but that's above my limits for online play, and the $20 was a nice quick little bump to the FTP roll, so I called it off before I could give it back.

Then I went to my latest weekly obsession - Neverwinter Nights. Now I've been a Dungeons & Dragons geek since Jr. High (yes, I was one of those weird kids sitting in the corner of the lunchroom with the other Bill Gates Jrs. of the world rolling dice and talking in odd codes about THACOs and hit dice while you were wondering if the neon green Swatches clashed with you jelly shoes), and I've played all the computer iterations of the game, going back to the classic gold box games on my Apple IIc c. 1985 personal computer. Fascinating that my state-of-the-art computer 20 years ago had NO hard drive and worked with 128 KB of RAm, and my current 2nd-to-top-of-the-line iPod has a 30GB hard drive that I carry in my pocket. Every once in a while we need to remember this shite. Why I don't know. But the nostalgia geek in my would really love to have an Apple IIc again, so if anyone has one languishing in a closet somewhere, lemme know.

ANYWAY - back to the semblance of point, a few years ago, a new game came out for D&D gomers called Baldur's Gate, then the sequels, then Neverwinter Nights. And it was, as they (not sure who this "they" is) say, on like neckbone. You really have to say that out loud for the rhyme to work. It just looks really stupid written down. And it also only works if you're Southern. Spelled phonetically, it should read "awn lahk neckbown." Translation provided for those of you in parts of the country where people just don't talk right, like Minnesota or New York. Neverwinter Nights is D&D geek paradise, because after you beat the game, and the two expansions, then you can go online and download new modules for the game written by people who are even bigger dorks than yourself. So it not only gives you something to do with your all-important gaming time (i.e. all the time in the evenings when you don't have dates, which is ALL the time in the evenings), it also serves to reinforce your image of personal self-worth and prove that indeed, you are not the biggest dork in the universe, because somebody actually created these modules for you to play, for free, so they must be bigger dorks than you.

We're not going to go into comparative dork theory, because there are so many folks better qualified to speak on that than I. Some of them are in the blogroll, you know who you are. But lately (i.e. since I got my new video card and can actually play the friggin' game) whenever I'm sick of Hold 'Em and can't find a fun blogger game, I'll just fire up NWN and slay dragons. All damn night long. Good thing I bought the Dear and Patient the entire series of Buffy the Vampire Slayer for Christmas, so she hasn't even noticed I was gone.

So that's my geek life lately. That and switching out iPods. I broke down and bought the 30GB black video when my Best Buy rebate coupons came in from buying the laptop, so I'm giving the old 3G 15GB iPod to the Dear and Patient to be her Disco JukeBox. I'm also fairly sure she wants a pink case with daisies on it for her iPod. This chills me deep in my soul, because I know at some point we're going to go on a road trip, she'll bring her iPod to run through the FM transmitter, and she'll leave it in the car when we're home, guaranteeing that it will be discovered by some male relative who is in my car for some funeral, wedding or other forced familial gathering time and only reinforcing the doubts my entire family has about my heterosexuality due to that whole "theatre thing" that I occassionally do. Like any self-respecting homo would dress this poorly.

Hey. This got long. Anyway, have a good week. I'll talk to you later. Peace.


Joe Speaker said...

I have lately sought solace in Tiger Woods PGA Golf 06 when I feel the poker burnout.

I've no idea where that places me on the sliding scale of geekitude, but I know it's on there somewhere.

HighOnPoker said...

What a post, Staff. First the Peeps reference and then you translate for NYers. I had no idea what you meant by rhyme until you did that.

As for the ad thing I'm talking about, the initial contact was from someone from DiscoverGroup, and not from the site itself. If you were contacted by this guy let me know and we can compare notes. My email is accessible through my blog/blogger profile.

BigPirate said...

That's a nice post! I needed a pick-me-up on a flu-bug day.

Joaquin "The Rooster" Ochoa said...

I had my doubts about your sexuality...but being that Joe Speaker responded to this first...well Brokeback Mountain Visions

G-Rob said...

LOL JOE I do exactly the same thing...(Except with Madden football)

Also, STFU about Full Tilt Razz. Whenever my bankroll is in trouble there, I sit down for a looong night of Razz. Its amazing.

Now stop telling actual poker palyers about it.


Drizztdj said...

I need to stop hoping into the blogger's Razz tables.

And I refuse to go back into MMORPG geek mode (DAoC almost made me single again).

Is there a scaled down RPG out there?

TeamScottSmith said...

When you offer a "Rename This Website for a Week" competition like DoubleAs has done in the past, I will win and rename it NerdFag.

I don't know whether to rant about your dorkiness or your sexual preferences, so I'll say this: BadBlood will give you a run for your money in comparitive dork theory. And G-Rob will run you all over BrokeBack Mountain. But he does have nice hair.

Human Head said...

NWN, fuck yeah. Love that damn game.

From Minnesota NOT Fargo said...

Hey, what's the crack about the Minnesota people not being able to... uh, do... uh, you know, talk good? We former Minnesotans having no problem with talking, and/or understanding. What were we talking about? Oh, well.

Hey, at least you made it to the bubble last weekend, not like an unnamed Phil T. who I belive was the 2nd man out and then I had to give him a ride home. I was just glad to make it to the final table, even though 7th paid as much as 5th.

Keep me in mind for the next rehearsal. ;)


Stan said...

(...on like neckbone... phonetically, it should read "awn lahk neckbown."... Translation provided for those of you in parts of the country where people just don't talk right, like Minnesota or New York.)

Uh... even with the translation I don't get it.

Hey! Was that an insult!?!?!?!