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Returning the Favor
Returning the Favor
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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Weekend Recap

Really quickly because I'm pretty beat.

1) Thursday night - 8 9 off-suit nets me a $96 pot in NLHE with blinds of $.25/$.50. Good night. Interestingly enough, + $96 for the night.

2) Friday night - K 2 rivers a 5-high straight when 4 comes. Loses $50 to 7-high straight. Heeeee Hawwwww. Net +4 for the night. Woulda been +54. Oops.

3) Sunday/Sunday night - After 7 hours of hard-fought poker, a great blind structure by BadBlood, inflicting a MASSIVE suckout on Gamecock, and finally getting down to 2 players, I manage to beat The Luckbox heads-up for the Bad Blood New Year's Day Classic 2006, winning $445 (chop the top two). CJ and I also agreed to chop the $60 last-longer bet. I receive a great engraved money clip labelled "BBSOP 2006" (BadBlood Series of Poker) from the Bloods, and the undying love of all those at the final table that CJ sucked out on.

It was a great tournament, coming down to me, CJ and Big Pirate as the final three. Pretty good, since we were 3 of the 4 chip leaders at the first break. Gamecock was the other one, but as I mentioned, I sucked out on him with KJ o/s, catching my 2 pair on the turn to bust his Big Slick and cripple him. Blood set up a great structure, with 40 minute blinds & no antes, so we had time to play real poker, and Mrs. Blood made meatballs, which if they aren't famous, damn well should be.

Dr. Jeff continued an unfortunate streak of bubbling in blogger tourneys when, surprise, surprise, CJ sucked out on him on the river. At one point, we looked around, there were four of us left, and CJ had eliminated 4 of the 5 people who were gone from the final table. And practically never did he get his money in with the best hand. It was really terrifying. I attribute my win to having a decent stack when we consolidated (thanks to a bad read by Matt, which almost doubled me up) and to having CJ sitting on my right elbow for the final table, so I had position on him forever. That was the best lesson in position play I could have asked for, because being able to dodge his big bets saved my ass several times.

Final hand, appropriately enough, CJ went out with the JackHammer on a flop of J K 7 rainbow. My K 10 held up to win it, and we realized when we counted down that I had him covered slightly, so it was over. A fantastic afternoon and evening of poker. Thanks, Blood.

Of course, then I proceeded to donate a buy-in in less than an hour to the cash game which featured G-Rob sucking out a straight on TeamScottSmith, then TeamScott re-sucking out a higher straight on the river.

It was a good weekend of poker. Happy New Year!


Anonymous said...

I almost feel bad about taking the 50 with just the 6-7. Come to think, no I don't. You've never been shy about taking my chips. Did Dad go and do any good?=Uncle P.

April said...

Congrats on your win!!

TeamScottSmith said...

Great seeing you down here, come back as often as possible.

I love the suck-resuck.

BadBlood said...

Glad to have you visit and look forward to future ones.

April H. said...

Great job!

Ms All In said...

I am very happy to see you win the title. I would have liked to stick around but I was too upset on my horrible tourney action that I needed to get out of there. It was great to see you again. Looking forward to the next time we can catch the same action.

Joaquin "The Rooster" Ochoa said...

Nice win guy. I wish you continued success in the poker field...I know that 440.00 in the pocket is