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Returning the Favor
Returning the Favor
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Friday, January 13, 2006

Y'all need a Road Trip!

So come to the great state of North Carolina for the Falstaff Open on February 25th! Consider it a warmup to the SXSW Massacre that April is hosting in March. Buy in is $50, got room for 32 in the Casa de Falstaff. I'll have some grub and booze, but if you want anything weird, better bring it. So let me know if you're in. Comment or email johnhartness at gmail dot com.


BG said...

So if I need about eighteen feet of twine, some stale candy corn and the big tub of Vaseline, I'm on my own? I thought you lived in the South.

Since Matty's on the road, someone's got to fill in I guess.

April said...

I would LOVE to, but my trips to the Carolinas are limited to times that I don't have school. Sadly, February is not one of those times.

G-Rob said...

I have to work that weekend..and sadly February is one of 4 months during the year that I cannot take vacation.

TeamScottSmith said...

Put me down as a "Probably."