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Returning the Favor
Returning the Favor
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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

This is a useless post - go elsewhere for real content

I'm still around. Not really a whole lot worth posting about the past few days. You know, the whole, get up-go to work-go home-grind a little-go to sleep routine.

Thanks to Facty's great post about her F Factor for bankroll building, I now have money again on Stars. Not enough to really do anything with, but I've doubled my roll on Stars to about $35 in the past ten days. If you missed Facty's post (and why would you miss it? She's yet another blogger tourney star!), her theory on bankroll building is like this - win $10, play a token SNG on Full Tilt. Win a token, play a big tourney.

Win the $16K guaranteed, don't worry about it so much anymore :).

So I gave it a shot the other night - my first great Marhsmallow Peep Sex Experiment (let's see what that brings to the site:) ). I missed the token. Premature E-peep-ulation. I finished 5th, getting a 4$ refund on my buyin. I think I did find the tightest MPS token Sit N Go in the free world, though, since the table got tighter than last year's jeans when we got down to 8 folks. These things play a little odd, but I'll give one another shot in a day or so.

Interesting patterns so far for 2006 - my cash games are funding my tourney play, rather than the other way 'round. I know, that's a healthier way of playing, and I like it, but I don't really know what to attribute it to other than losing all my money on Stars in MTT and SNG entry fees and dropping down to the micro-limit tables to rebuild and win my tourney entry fees.

Cash bankroll is at an all-time high, thanks to the BBSOP and the fact that I've never taken my bankroll management at all seriously before. I just deposited money or withdrew from an ATM when I wanted to go play, and saved up for trips. Not so much an option with the Dear and Patient focusing on being a homemaker/starting her costume rental business. But now I'm actually paying attention to where the poker money goes (and comes from), and I haven't had to redeposit yet this month. Thanks to my sponsors and the donkeys that play there :).

So nothing impressive to report - I won a $1 SNG last night, which these things are actually a serious ROI if you can navigate the first three tables of heehaw. $14 return on $1.10 invested is pretty good for 90 minutes. Got 2nd in an $5 SNG, which covered what I lost at the ring games there. Their SNGs are total MPS at the low levels, usually 2-3 people out by hand #4.

That's what I got today,



Joaquin "The Rooster" Ochoa said... of the things that I notice is that people play too loose in tournaments. They play a lot of hands at the start. wrong play in my wait for a monster and try to get as many chips as possible to avoid having to play a lot of hands up front. I'm sure when you play cash games you sit you had to do in acting class to pretend you were a statue...being a rock gets you the money. I say take your starting hands down one notch for MTT but not the statue...become the statue. In the tournament, if you are in a hand...balls to the wall my friend.

Shelly said...

Good to hear you're doing well! I just blew my last twelve bucks on Stars in turbo NL SnG's :)

Human Head said...

Useless or no, keep the posts coming! I love drivel in most any form :)