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Returning the Favor
Returning the Favor
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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Online collusion at the $.05/$.10 NLHE Table

Yeah, right. So I sit down at the computer last night, and remember that it's WWdN tourney night. Then I check my Stars balance.

$14.73. Less than impressive. That hundred bucks I put in the end of December has been bled off by donkey draws and bad beats in SNGs, not to mention my normal losing ways. So I says to myself "Self, if you're going to play the WWdN tourney tonight, you're gonna have to win your way in. Sit your ass down and make $11 in the next 90 minutes, and you get to play."

So I did. The nickle/dime NLHE tables at Stars are ridiculous. Which suits my current run of online play, so I'll hang out until I can get my head straight again. So, up $14, I decide to donate to my favorite poker bloggers, and enter the tourney. I do. I donate pretty effectively, and am gone quite before the first break. No bad beats, no suckouts, I just played like a jackass and that's what I deserve. BadBlood didn't play like a jackass and got what he deserved, too. Congrats!

So back to the micro-limits for me, cause I still felt like playing, but didn't want to think too much, so Razz was out. No comments from anyone who's played Razz with me about whether or not I think at that game, either. So I find a table that looks good, about 60% of people seeing the flop, and only one guy above the max buy-in, so I grab a seat. This guy is fairly solid, given the weak/tight play of the table, and he and I stay out of each other's way pretty much. Along about the time I've nearly tripled my buy-in (sounds more impressive that way than saying I'm up $17), Alan and Drizzt sit down, and all hell breaks loose. Drizzt proclaims loudly that he sucks at NLHE and proceeds to rip into the other guy with chips at the table, reducing his stack by 50% in about 15 minutes. He also pushes me off a decent pot with an underpair to my pocket 6s and a lot of naked aggression. I thought he was channeling G-Rob for a minute.

Is there one "l" or two in channeling? My spellcheck isn't sure, either.

Anyway, while Alan is building his table image (rock), and Drizz is rolling over the table, our friend in the 6s announces to the table that the three of us are "playing together" and leaves. That's it, folks, rampany blogger collusion at the $.05/$10 NL tables! Beware, there are cheaters out there, and they are hell-bent on ripping off your hard-earned $10 max buy-in! Protect your chips from this scourge of the intarweb! Yeah, whatever. I think all together, there may have been $60 on the table. Well worth the time and energy to cheat. Drizzt rightly responded "together? He just took $5 off me!" Poor pookie, couldn't handle the big man coming in with both scimitars swinging, that's all.

Then the windstorm blew a power line down and I was done for the night. I'll be lurking the micros again tonight, probably. See you there.

Oh yeah, and factgirl is pretty. :).


Klopzi said...

Nothing wrong with nickel and diming at the $5 tables - it's my bread and butter so to speak...

Actually, just my bread - who can afford butter playing at the f*cking $5 tables?

Finished reading the blog and I liked it. How's that for concise? Here's hoping that 2006 treats you well and you make some mad cash at the WSOP.

TripJax said...

I once caught a guy cheating at our $5 home game. Now that is bad.

However, 3 guys trying to cheat a .05/.10 NL game would just be idiotic.

Hey, I mentioned Feb 17th to wifey and it is looking good for me to hit the show with you guys...looking forward to it...

DrChako said...

I found the same lack of skill at the .25/.50 NLHE tables. Maybe I'll drop down a bit and see you there tonight.

Drizztdj said...

That guy needed help.

Maybe A Wulfgar's hammer to his head would clear him up.