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Returning the Favor
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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Anybody for a road trip?

So there's no legal gambling in North Carolina. Which sucks. But I have recently realized that I'm pretty much equi-distant from Atlantic City, Tunica and New Orleans. That's cool. All of these places are almost exactly a 10-hour drive away. Which sucks, but I'm up for it.

So me and my trusty sidekick Emily are going on a roadtrip in October, weekend of the 14th. Who's with us?

And do you have any real preferences as to where we go? I'll take suggestions for which place sucks less gladly.


Drizztdj said...

Canterbury Park in Minnesota.

Go on Thursday - Sunday for the live racing until Labor Day. Stay for the people who can't even read a board.

DuggleBogey said...

There looks to be a mini-gathering in Tunica around the WSOP event there near the end of September.

April said...

Do these two just not read?? Neither of those falls on October 14th!! :)

I vote for New Orleans, just cause it's closer to me. And CJ!

Tresa said...

I vote for Tunica because my family lives less than an hour away!! I could visit with my sister and my dad, take you guys up to Beale St for some good Southern BBQ and live B.B. King......

DadWarbucks said...

Been to Canterbury Park... wearing T-Shirt from there as I type this.
I absolutely hate long car trips so I'll not be joining you.
I do, however, love New Orleans and that would get my vote...

PS: There is an Indian casino a stone's throw from Canterbury.
I broke even there...
Tresa & Em in a long car trip should be a lot of fun.

Special K said...

It is almost the same distance to the legal games in FLA. We are about as far from legal poker as you can get in the US.

Tunica sounds good. We can all stay with Tresa's family and have more money to play poker with. :) Poker players are such cheap bastards!

Fuck it. Let's just fly to Vegas. They will be running the Fiesta al Lago and Belliago that weekend. Many big named pros in town.