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Returning the Favor
Returning the Favor
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Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Thanks for the kind words, folks. Mom's okay (as okay as you can be at 73 with a broken wrist). She broke it in 3 places, and was thoroughly unimpressed with the level of care shown by the doctors.

She's very proud of her blue cast, which continues a streak of multi-colored appendages in the family, since Suzy just had her hot pink cast cut off of her foot a couple weeks ago. She had a serious case of plantar fasciaitis that has required seven weeks of casts and boots. I was very glad when she graduated to the velcro boot, since it's removable for sleeping, which cuts down on the bruising along my shins. Not kicking from anything fun, she just kicks the shit out of me when I snore.

Talked with my hot bald chick friend last night, her long-term prognosis is good, she's doing chemo every three weeks, but it's not kicking her ass too badly. I was really relieved that she's got such a good outlook on things and that it looks so good longterm. Interesting note for women (not that I think that I have that many female readers) - small-breasted women or women that are more muscular can develop tumors that are almost invisible to a mammogram. Even after my friend's tumor was located and biopsied, it still didn't show up on the mammogram. Since tumors and muscle have similar density, it doesn't show up as well. So self-exams are even more important. Hell, call a friend, have a boobie party! But please make sure you get that shit checked out regularly.


DrChako said...

Good points. When I interpret mammograms, I always include the phrase, "Up to 10% of cancers may not be visible on mammography."

Tell your moms (and wives that are 40 and up), to see their doctor once a year and get an annual mammogram.


DadWarbucks said...

Although I haven't spoken to our mutual "hot bald friend"... we've shared several e-mails. And yes, her attitude is wonderful.
She's such a doll and a wonderful person.

Tresa said...

Glad your mom and friend are doing well.

But John, really, a "boobie party"? Only you would think up that........